Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Treats for Hannah

Today is the first official holiday that has taken place since my file went to China a little over a month ago. Even though it's still quite a while before Hannah and I will meet, the Mommy in me wanted to buy her a couple of things for Easter. (Ok, ok, you got me....any excuse to shop for Hannah works and I wanted to buy her far more than a 'couple' of items!)

Most times I can control myself and get my 'baby fix' purely by walking around the baby dept. of a store, touching things, holding them, smelling them, sighing a little and yes, even tearing up at times, but at least I usually leave the store empty handed.

Not yesterday. After dreaming about my little girl in every Easter dress I saw, I controlled my urge to buy any of them. Not knowing when we'll meet or what size she will be is proving to be a very good thing for my budet.

Hmmm...what could I buy that I know she will eventually use? I know....a bib! From what I've heard, she may need 1 or 2 of these. LOL!! What do you think? This particular brand of bib comes highly recommended by my friend Michelle. She's used them with both of her kids and can't say enough about them. Not only is is wonderfully cute but it can also be bleached and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Sounds good to me!

When shopping for this bib at the SuperStore I also noticed they had some that were almost like a rain coat that fit on the child backwards. Now that sounds like my kind of bib but I'm looking for them in adult sizes rather than baby sizes. From my babysitting experience I've learned that anything orange or red (ie. carrots or spaghetti sauce) that is placed in a baby's mouth somehow generates the sneeze reflex and that stuff flies everywhere! Wonder if I can buy myself a hasmat suit before it's time for us to tackle carrots? Come to think of it...that suit may even come in handy when I have to change some of those nasty diapers! Wonder if I can add that to my gift registry when I register at Toy's R Us?

The other little items I picked up were a couple of Rubbermaid bins for Hannah's toys. The bins were on sale for 70% off due to a tiny bit damage the sun had done in bleaching the lids but otherwise were fine. A friend gave me some of her children's toys that they had outgrown so Hannah's collestion is already beginning. Might as well begin storing them in toy bins already. I'm sure we've just begun our toy collection and will have many more in the days to come. There is so much cool stuff out there for kids and some toys that I had as a child are still popular today! Who ever thought I'd be considering purchasing a Cabbage Patch Doll for my baby girl more than 23 years after I bought my first one?'re doing the math correctly...I bought my first Cabbage Patch Doll at 16! Truth be told...I think she's still in a box somewhere in my basement even now! My goal is to clean out the basement in the near future in preparation for the garage sale my Bible study group is holding is support of Hannah's adoption. I'll look for her but only to bring her upstairs, not to add her to the sale!


  1. Happy Easter! Hope you a lovely weekend. Wishing you lots of chocolate kisses and bunny hugs!

    I do the same thing when I shop. Touching and dreaming about buying those adorable dresses one day!

    I already have almost 3 hinged Rubbermaid bins filled. DH is not impressed! We are moving in June so we have to move that! LOL

    Keep smilin!


  2. I can't wait to buy Annaliese an Asian Cabbage Patch Doll eaither!!!


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