Monday, April 03, 2006

Material for Hannah's Crib Quilt

When I first started planning a nursery for Hannah I did lots of searching for a crib set. But, as time went on things changed. I decided after a lot of reading that I will put her in my room with me. Also, since it's not recommended that older babies have bumper pads, I changed from looking for a crib set to looking for only a comforter. I found some that I liked but then while out shopping for material with a friend I came upon this fabric and decided it could be perfect for Hannah's crib. I'm going to put a lace ruffle around it and then back it with flannel. It's a project I haven't tackled yet but still have lots of time to do so.

As for Hannah's room, I've decided I'll set it up into her 'Big Girl Room/Play Room' to begin with. Not sure when she'll move into that room so there's no big hurry to get it ready, just planning at this stage. Another item I would like to add to this room is a glider rocker as many of my friends have said this was a 'must' in their nursery. I plan on lots of cuddles and bottles in that room (probably in the middle of the night) so might as well be comfortable! I'm still playing with all my options and until then, it's fun to dream....


  1. It's beautiful Catherine! You can make one for me too while you're at it... =)


  2. I love the fabric, it's going to be beautiful. The rockers are nice, but I use my big lazyboy rocker more than the glider rocker. It's bigger, more comfortable and leans back so that at 4 am after she finally settles down from crying, I can get a little sleep until it's time to put her back to bed.

  3. Oooo Tracy, your rocker sounds great! That's my idea of nighttime feeding!

    Do you mind emailing me your info so that I can enjoy your website? It seems to be password protected.


  4. Catherine,
    That material is beautiful!


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