Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Anyone have a spare LID?

I know it's still relatively early but thought I'd ask anyway.

Does anyone have a spare LID?

For most people in the world a lid is just a metal piece that is used to keep things contained in a glass jar. Lids are very useful when it comes to jars that fall over. They keep pickle juice inside and sticky maraschino juice inside. They can also be used to create very cool scientific experiments in glass jars. I seem to remember finding some of these in my locker in my high school days. Finding such 'experiments' usually led to head scratching, closer inspection and often the question, 'I wonder what this used to be?' I'm sure all you Mom's who have to deal with kids lunch boxes know exactly what I mean!

Now, in the world of International Adoption, LID has taken on an all new and very important meaning. LID stands for Log-in-Date. A LID is the day that China logs my file into their system and the countdown officially begins. Referrals are all based on LID's so each and every day counts.

Now, by 'normal' standards it's still quite early for me to be looking for my LID. More than likely my file has been logged but I'm not positive. This is one area where it's not always first in - first out. Sometimes files get switched around a little. Only time will tell.

I guess the main reason I'm starting to look already is that some of my US friends who were DTC anywhere from a week before me to 2 weeks after me have begun announcing their LIDs! It's exciting to celebrate with others. I'm just ready to do some celebrating of my own.

Until then, I think I need a pickle. (Hmmm...not really in the mood to mix it with ice cream though. Guess I might not be 'Paperwork Pregnant' yet!)


  1. Cute post!!

    Hope you hear about your LID news soon! (And me too!!! lol)

  2. Hang in there Catherine. We are with OA as well and didn't find out our official LID until about 2 months after the fact...



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