Wednesday, April 26, 2006

We're The Marching Pandas!

The March DTC group is officially ‘The Marching Pandas.’ I like it and think it offers lots of creative room for logos. I haven’t thought of any logo ideas yet but if you have any suggestions please feel free to leave a comment.

Monday evening there was a knock at my front door. When I answered it Dad was standing there but I couldn’t tell what it was he was holding. I was so excited when he turned this cute little chair around with the adorable panda on it. The neat thing is, he and mom didn’t know that our group had decided on The Marching Pandas as our name so it was fun to tell them!

This brand new chair with storage under the seat, was dropped off at the thrift store dad manages called, ‘Bibles for Missions.’ He found it with the new donations and immediately thought of his granddaughter to come. Taking the chair to the front of the store he showed it to my mom. She liked it but didn’t seem to be as excited as he was. He said, ‘Jean, Where do pandas come from?’ Her response…Australia! LOL!!! Oh yah, I’m so much like my mom it’s scary at times!


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