Monday, April 03, 2006

March DTC Group

One of the many fun events related to my file going to China has been joining an online Yahoo group of other families from around the world who also have March Dossier to China dates! So far there are over 175 families who have joined this group! We may live around the world but some of us could possibly meet up in China when we receive our babies! What a fun thought.

I didn't really know what a DTC group entailed, just that I couldn't wait to be part of one. (Oh yah, that's me for sure!) What I've learned has been wonderful and there is much to become involved with!

Message Board: An online message board discussing everything from DTC date, family info, baby names and much, much more.

Group Name and Logo: We're in the process of determining a group name and from that a logo will be designed and merchandise will be available for us to purchase. My favourites so far are 'Spring Dreams' and 'March Miracles' from the 21 options. The poll opened yesterday and will close on Friday. After that the top 3 are posted and we revote on what we want to be our name.

When they narrow it down to 3 I'll post it here and see if my gang comes up with the same name as my online group!

Secret Pal Gift Exchange: In mid-April I will be sent the information for a fellow March DTC Mom who is also participating in the exchange. I will learn the colour(s) of the nursery, her likes and dislikes, age of baby requested, etc. My information will also be sent to a different Mom. Each month for the next 6-8 months I will package up a gift to send to my Secret Pal and in return I will receive a gift from the person who has . April's theme is 'Bath Time Fun' so I'm looking for a few small items I can mail to her.

In January we will have a 'cyber shower.' I will find out who has been sending gifts to me and in turn I'll introduce myself to the person I've been sending things too. Should be a lot of fun!

Walk Across China: One person has organized a walk across China. She has done a lot of research about different places in China. Each person is invited to walk around their local neighbourhood and log their miles on the master form. Our goal as a group is to walk enough miles to walk across the entire country before we travel! It's a great way to learn things about China and at the same time get in shape for next year's big journey!

If you're a family in the adoption process, I'd highly recommend finding a group like this. It's fun sharing the waiting time with others who are on the same timeline as you.


  1. Hi Catherine
    How did you find you DTC group? I am on my agencies forum FOI Families and I belong to 2 other forums China Boards and Canadians Adopting from China. I am in contact with everyoe that was DTC with us here in Canada through FOI. This idea of being in contact with families around the world sounds awesome. Please could you let me know how I could find out if there is a group out there for me.

  2. Sounds good! I'm glad you got hooked up with your DTC group. You'll have a lot of fun with them. I'm in charge of the Walk to China thingamabob on our DTC group too. We're 78% of the way there this week!

  3. Hello fellow March DTC group member!

    Keep smilin!


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