Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Going to Visit a New State!

It’s amazing what a difference a day can make!

Monday started out as any other Monday. Yes, I’ll admit that I was already looking forward to Friday and the upcoming long weekend. Wow, things quickly changed mid-morning!

I received an email from Lisa S inviting me to the Utah Bloggy Bash Reunion Tour being held this coming September! When I read posts from last years Bash, it was the first time I’d heard of anything like this. What? Get together with people they’d only met on the internet and not in person? Boy, were they brave!! (Heh! Little did I know!!) But, as their weekend progressed last summer I watched with excitement as some of the friends I’d met online had the awesome privilege of meeting one another in person. Too cool! It was so neat to hear of the fun they had and see pictures. Hmmm…I was thinking. I’d like to go to a bloggy bash sometime too!

Fast forward to September of last year and my friend Connie and I started talking of a Motor City Mamma’s Bloggy Bash in November. It was my first and I’ve been hooked ever since!!! Connie, Stacy, Krista and I hung out in Detroit for a weekend and from the moment we met it was like old friends reuniting rather than new friends meeting in person for the very first time. LOVED it!!

Since then I’ve met Dawn in Vancouver, Julie & Tess in Minneapolis, Doris in Montreal plus a whole bunch of other new friends in my home province Ontario and others in Quebec too!

Most recently it was the Georgia Bloggy Bash where 16 of us + 3 little ones crashed Melissa's place and enjoyed a weekend of fun, talking, sun, babies and laughter! I thought after that weekend I’d be putting my suitcase into the closet for a well deserved break. But nope…I was wrong!

In the matter of 24 hours invitations were given, plans made, vacation times approved (That part was tense! Thanks for your help Norma!!) and airline tickets booked! I am thrilled and honoured to be invited to join this great group of gals for a weekend. Unfortunately one of their original group wasn’t able to make it this time and since they felt they needed a foreign contingency I filled the gap. Very happy to do so!!!

This year’s group will once again be Julie, Mary-Mia, Lisa S, Lisa W (who has kindly invited me to stay with her. Thanks Lisa!)and Tiffany plus the addition of 'da foreigner.' I haven’t met Lisa W, Tiffany or Mary-Mia yet but I can’t wait!! Mary-Mia and I have talked about how fun it would be to meet one another for over a year now. I can’t believe it’s finally going to happen!!! And, most importantly this year’s bash will include 5 babies home from China!!! Tess, Rose, Marie, Maisie and Eliza!!! Wahoo!!!! Oh what fun it will be with these 5 delightful little ones around! It’s also going to be wonderful to see Tawni and Susie again as too as we’ll be in their backyard so they’ll be in on the fun too!

As you can tell, I’m already getting excited about the upcoming trip. Thanks so much for the invitation ladies! Looking forward to seeing all of you next month!!


  1. Told ya...moss does not grow under your feet!

    What fun!

    Keep smilin!

  2. You definitely win the "Most Traveled Blogger" award!

    How fun!!! How Exciting!!!! It sounds like a group of wonderful women going to have a FANTASTIC time!

    I can't wait to see lots of pictures!

  3. Counting the days till we meet again. Thanks for filling th empty Donna slot, we know you'll fill her shoes well even with the funny accent!

  4. I love the way you get around. Better not make Margaritas for those Utah mommies. That could get you arrested...or at least require the fire dept. ;0)

  5. Ha! Connie really is hilarious!!

    MAN!! You get around girl!!

    We still need to plan our "Canadian blogger summitt" for sometime!! I'd love to see how many Canadians we could drag out!!

    Have fun! I know you always do!!

  6. I think you win the award for "Most Bloggers I've Met In Real Life". Enjoy your time and take lots of pics!

    But don't get near the blender if anyone asks for a drink!

  7. That's great Catherine. Something fun to look forward to. And definitely a good way to practice the packing thing. :)


  8. You forgot to mention your massive travels 10 minute East of your house to visit K1 and K2!!!
    You are quite the mover and shaker, sweet girl and it is easy to see why so many people want your presence at these bloggy bashes. Fun!

  9. No flies on you Cathrine you don't stay still long enough!!! How awsome that you have had the oppurtunity to meet all these people.

    Whats that Dawn? A Canadian blogger summit??? Do tell....

  10. Can. Not. Wait.


    You'd better get ready for the biggest hug ever. I am so excited to meet you in person. Whoooohooooo.

  11. What fun! Your wait should just fly by with all of the travel you are doing :)

  12. Catherine,

    I can't wait to meet you! See you in Sept!!!!


  13. Well needless to say I'm excited. And maybe now Tess will understand that you are the creator of Taggy 1, 2, 3 and so on. She loved you before, she will love you even more! ; )


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