Friday, January 26, 2007

Visiting the US and China Town

Dawn and I have been having a great time together! First thing yesterday morning we hopped across the border and our shopping trip began. Always fun! We headed to Bellingham, WA which had lots of fun shops.

First stop was JoAnn fabrics where I was able to pick up ribbons to make more tag toys. Since beautiful Miss Tess has taken to her tag toy, I've had a few more orders come in. It's been fun making these cute little toys and even more fun knowing that babies are enjoying them. I made Tess' original blanket as a gift more than a year ago and now she's able to use it. How neat!

Our next stop was at the Bellingham mall. I'd received an email from a friend asking if I could pick up a few pump soaps for her from Bath and Body Works if I found a store. No problem! One for for for for me. It wasn't until later that I laughed realizing I now have 6 pump soaps to carry home on the plane. With the amount of shoppy I've been doing my suitcase is sure to get a 'heavy' tag attached to it on my way home! :o)

Dawn and I took the opportunity to visit Target which is a store we don't have in Canada. Hopefully someday though. I found a wonderful ladybug canvas picture in soft pinks, green and white with daisies on it but decided I'd really be pushing my luggage limit (it was probably 2' x 3') if I tried to bring that home. Oh well, maybe I'll pick it up in Detroit someday.

After lunch we stopped at KMart where we got some really good deals on some kids clothing. We bought cute little dresses for the girls that we on sale for $1.69(!) and also adorable 'Cars' outfits for my nephew Keenan and Dawn's son.

By this point it was time to head home as we weren't sure how long it would take me to get home allowing for Vancouver traffic. We went our separate ways in Langley as Dawn had an evening of fun before her as she was meeting some of her travel group for dinner!

Earlier today Dawn and I took the LRT and headed into the city to China Town. As we were waiting for the train to arrive I was once again overwhelmed by the beauty that surrounded us. WOW!!! I've ridden the local subway system near my home many times and trust me, there's nothing like this to look at while you wait! :o)

We arrived in China Town after only 1 scary wrong turn. Let's just say we were both doing a lot of praying and not looking anyone in the eye. Just one block away from China town is a street where many of Vancouver's homeless live. So sad to see people hurting so much. As we were making our way through this area I commented to Dawn that I was glad Sharon didn't know where I was at the moment! Thank you Lord for the safety you granted.

Once we were back on track we made our way to China Town. It was fun looking in the stores. We each picked up some Chinese lullaby CD's....we think! Guess we'll find out when we listen to them. It was so interesting to be in China Town and think that soon Debbie and Karen will be in China for real! Have a wonderful trip friends! Can't wait to see you meet Olivia and Samara!

After China Town we climbed 10 blocks....yup climbed. Man am I out of shape for the Vancouver hills. I bought some tea at Murchie's and then we had lunch. We made our way back to the hotel and to be honest I was bushed. Between early (4:30-5:00am) wakings each morning and busy days I was ready for a quiet afternoon. Dawn headed home, able to avoid rush hour traffic, and I set to listening to Focus on the Family (see previous post) and blogging.

Tomorrow is another day of fun! I'm so thankful Dawn and I have had this wonderful opportunity to get to know one another!


  1. Holy Cow!! I am exhausted just reading this!!

    I am SO glad that you are having a great time!!

    Shop on!

  2. Sounds like your getting lots in. How sweet of you to think about me and Karen right now. I guess being in China town was a little tiny taste of what we are in for.

    I can't believe in 48 hours, our plane will be getting ready to land in CHINA!!! Seeing your posts with our names on it, made it feel real. Thanks buddy!

    See you soon (with Olivia this time)


  3. I was reading part of your post to my husband - the part where you mention Deb and I and Olivia and Samara - and I couldn't even get through it cause I was crying. I'm a bit of an emotional wreck right now. I'm glad you guys are having a great time - you are both so sweet and deserve this nice little holiday together. :)


  4. You are ONE busy person, Catherine! Looks like so much fun!

  5. Not only did you walk into a not so nice part of town, that is probably one of the worst "not so nice" part of town in Canada. I used to ride by there on the train every day and it made my heart so sad.
    Glad you two made it out safely!

  6. Thanks for your comment on my site. Looks like you are having a great trip. Blogger friends are the best!


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