Sunday, August 26, 2007

Friday Night Fun!

Each Friday night Norma and John's family gets together at their place for dinner. I join them occasionally and always have a great time! There's fun and lots of laughter and it's just a really neat time! Their little ones are growing up so quickly!

A enjoying a snack.

M showing off her beautiful smile!

N the night he decided he was big enough to feed himself dinner!

N with Mommy after his bath. There's the cute face that he was hiding behind his spaghetti facial. Mommy is taking N for his first haircut today. I have a feeling the baby look is going to change. :o( First haircuts are so hard on parents!

I also learned another valuable lesson while at Norma's last night. Under no circumstances should I leave my camera unattended! She and I went out to pick up supper and I found these pics on my camera when I got home! What fun! Not sure who the chickie is as she was out of catalog ad but

the doggy belongs to the quiet person in the mirror!

The ear pic? Well it's a spoof on the pic I took of Norma's ear last year. Like mother, like daughter!


  1. what great photos. Those baby pics are just precious

  2. Love the smiles and surprise shots.

    Keep smilin

  3. Ha ha the piccy of N is soo funny...I love when they are convinced they can feed themselves no problem!

  4. Love all those huckleberry blue eyes :0)

    Love little mr. schnauzer too but I'm partial since I have one too.

  5. hehehe! Its so funny when you flick through your pics, and think - hey?! I didn't take those!

  6. I have found many such pictures on my camera when I left it unattended. Once my sister went out and took pictures of our CHICKENS when I was a teen. I have also found pictures of people's feet and their...ahem....backsides on my camera.

    Love the "spaghetti facial" picture!

  7. Looks like you had a blast!!! I have tagged you to play the Middle Name Meme, come play along!!!


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