Monday, August 06, 2007

Bratz Movie - Plesantly Surprised!

Last week Rebecca and I decided we'd like to hang out for the weekend. Always fun and I love spending time with her! I asked what she'd like to do as a special treat and she chose one of my favourite things to do - go to a movie.

Before I picked her up on Saturday I'd learned that their was a new 'Bratz' movie out in the theatres. Guessing that it would be what she'd want to go see my initial reaction was going to be 'no.' I'm not a huge fan (to say the least) of the dolls with their bellies hanging out and way too much eye makeup so I was just going to say no and we would move on to one of the other movies that are out right now.

Friday night though I decided to do my homework. After chatting with a wonderful friend last weekend about 'Bratz' and 'choosing our battles', I thought I owed it to Rebecca to at least look at a movie review with an open mind and see what it had to say.

I was the one who learned the lesson. I learned that the movie was ok and would be one that I'd go to see with her if she wanted. Ya know what? I was wrong and I learned a lot. It really is a good movie that has a lot going for it. Had I not known the title of the movie it probably would have been one that I'd have recommended we go see together.

It features 4 teen girls who basically dress ok and are all about being unique yet being friends. I like that they didn't all have to dress the same or come from the same family background to be accepted by one another. One gal is being raised by a single mom, another by divorced parents, another by her grandmother and the other by an interracial couple. Yes...they covered their bases well there.

It also showed a lot of respect for parents. The kids spoke well of their parents and even helped them out.

There was a few times when the Lord's name was taken in vain and I HATE that! Rebecca picked up on it and whispered, 'they shouldn't say that' and I agreed with her.

All in all, if you have a tweenager or soon to be tweenager who wants to go see this movie, I'd recommend it. Yes, it's predictable but all in all enjoyable with some good lessons to be learned.


  1. Good to know. Those dolls and the subsequent cartoon are beyond anything remotely associated with decent. They sorta frighten me with their tiny bodies and ginormous eyes...brr!

    Keep smilin!

  2. That would be my initial reaction too. Good for you for doing the research. Glad you had a fun weekend with a great kid.


  3. Not sure if I will be seeing that movie any time soon, but it is nice to know that there is a positive movie out there for young people to see. :)

  4. Good to know that this movie isn't so horrible. My grand daughter has been wanting to see it.


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