Friday, August 03, 2007

August Babies!

After a wait of only 27 days, CCAA has sent the next batch of referrals and there are proud parents all over the world who are seeing their precious baby's face for the very first time! Congrats to all who will receive referrals over the next few days!

This time CCAA once again matched 7 days of LID's which brings me 7 LID's closer to Hannah! Only 121 more LID's to cover and I will be seeing Hannah's beautiful face! Ooooo...I get goosebumps just typing that!

Doing the math (as you know I will) the average number of LID's per month for the past 12 months is 10.9/month. Taking my remaining 121 days and dividing that by 10.9 I come up with 11.1 more months until I receive Hannah's referral. Right now, that appears to be sometime around July or August of next year.

Guess what?? July or August = 'Probably another year! :o)' Yup...still saying 'probably another year!' Hmmm...maybe if I get a t-shirt made that says 'Probably another year' things will speed up? It's worth thinking about!

Congrats to all the new families! And, to my many friends who are waiting, we're getting there. We're 7 days closer to our little ones. Holding hands and walking this endurance walk together! Supporting one another, loving one another, laughing together, and shedding tears too.

PS - Remember last year when I mentioned I'd probably have the gestation period of an elephant? Well, sadly my friends and I are leaving elephants in our dust! 24 months? That's nothing!!!


  1. It is so wonderful! Such a great time of the month (as opposed to others)

    Let's just hold hand and skip along together. Let us see what is around the next bend the road.

    Keep smilin!

  2. I like your math better then mine.
    Because I am thinking I have more then 11 months....

  3. I love this time of the month..but it is bittersweet. I am so happy that more children have be united with their forever families..but it is hard waiting. I can now finally say "Thankfully NEXT" family missed the cut-off by two days..but we are okay with this becuase we know finally that September is our month to see our child's face...Hang in there..your time will come too...CTG from RQ

  4. LOL! No comment about the elephant. :)

    Perhaps a tattoo on the forehead would be more effective than a t-shirt. Just a thought.

    Glad you're seven days closer to Hannah cause that means I'm seven days closer to seeing Hannah's face and sharing in your joy too! :)


  5. Great post! I always joke about the elephant gestation too!

    Catherine, I thought of something the other day. Did you ever go to an open day/session/info thingy at Children's Bridge? I am sure we met there!! I could be totally off, but I suddenly thought I was sure we met at an adoption event.

    p.s. T-shirts sound like a great idea!

  6. I love referral time! I still get goosebumps looking at all those beautiful faces ~ to me ~ they are hope.

    BTW ~ loved the elephant thing ~ LOL!

  7. LOVE your t-shirt idea! I can't believe how many people still ask when I always respond, "Years. Many years. Like 3 or more" :O)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I was laughing so hard!! And the funny thing is, I'm so not a drinker. Those were my first real "hard" drinks, and strangely I didn't feel any different. I felt like I just injested a bunch of useless calories!

    Think I'll stick to my tried and true Diet Coke next year!

  8. Catherine,
    I am with an agency that send dossiers in groups and one of my travel buddies lives within a hour of me. We didn't know each other until we were in the fingerprinting stage and we talked via our agency's forum. Well anyway, I made the comment almost 2 years ago that I felt like I was having the pregnancy of an elephant, so the day that we met to be fingerprinted, she gave me an elephant. She sits on my desk at work to remind me that one day my pregnancy will be over!!! We also named her "Hope" She gives me much hope everyday when I look at her. Our day is coming!!!

  9. I need that t-shirt too...seems like that is what I am always telling people...I think they are starting to wonder if I am making this whole adoption story up.

  10. Great post. Thanks for breaking it down like that. Referrals are so wonderful

  11. Trust will be so worth the wait. The trip to China is amazing..a once in a lifetime experience...

  12. You still sound so positive! I like the t-shirt idea...maybe a gta waiting mommies thing???

  13. I am in denial that it will take 11 months longer! In my secret dreams... I guess they are not secret now... I hope for a referral end of March and travel in May or June! Hey a gal can always dream?!


  14. Passing the gestation of an elephant...yeah maybe we'll all make new "gestation" milestones to beat! Have a great day. :)

  15. I sure hope it's not another year...but I sure admire your positive attitude!


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