Thursday, August 09, 2007

What's Your Favourite Sandwich?

This past Monday (can you tell I had a whole day at home?) I decided to whip up my favourite sandwich for lunch. Mmmm! Green apple and cheddar cheese with mayo and sprouts on toasted sour dough bread. Yum yum!

While making this, aside from being crazy enough to take pictures, it got me to thinking. What is your favourite sandwich? Sometimes it's fun to learn what other people find appetizing and give it a try. Others, not so much.

I wonder if I suddenly start craving pickles with ice cream next year if it will mean Hannah's referral is on the way? For that I'd eat pickles and ice cream! Oh, let's be honest! As long as they don't have to be in my mouth at the same time I'd eat em now! About the only food I really can't handle is egg plant. Weird, eh? I think it's a texture thing.

On a completely different note, one of the other projects I accomplished on Monday was to hang this pretty sign above the doorway to Hannah's room. I've yet to begin cleaning it out and haven't decided how to decorate it (other than a few accessories already purchased) because I just don't think I could handle walking by it every single day knowing she's still so far away.

So for now, it's full of her stuff and my stuff and really not acceptable for anyone to view. Someday when I'm brave I'll share a 'before' pic of her room but for now I'll keep collecting stuff and playing with decorating colours and ideas in my head.

Wow...this post sure went all over the place! Thanks for hanging in there! :o)

Update: I can't take any credit for actually making the sign. When Norma and I were at 'Home Sense' a few weeks ago we came upon it. They only had about 8 names and 'Hannah' was the one at the very front! We both saw it and knew it was perfect! I love to be crafty but I'm not that talented when it comes to painting. Thanks for the vote of confidence though! The only thing I'm responsible for is hanging it on the wall (including the 3 extra nail holes hidden behind it! :o)


  1. I have many favorite sandwiches, but if I had to choose just one to live off of for the rest of my life, it would have to be peanut butter and brown sugar sandwiches - hands down.

    I have seen Hannah's room and think it will be PERFECT for your sweet girl. :)

  2. I'm not really a sandwich lover, but if I had to choose, it'd be boring ole chicken, lettuce and mayo on rye!!! Not toasted though!

    Did you make Hannah's sign? You are just waaaay too clever, girl! Just think of all the crafty projects you'll be able to do together when Hannah is a little older!

  3. Sandwich looks good :D We don't eat many sandwiches at our residence, but I will tell you that Ian LOVE peanut butter ~ right out of the jar! LiLi is allergic and so there has been no peanut butter for a whole year. We went to the mall and he ate Chick-fi-la this week, I think the child was in heaven! (they use peanut oil) and I think that is his other favorite sandwich.

    You are so talented! I love the sign that you made for Hannah! I would love on like that for LiLi, but that kind of stuff escapes me. I get weird feeling when I go into stores like JoAn's or Michael's, so I am totally envious of your talent :D

  4. beautiful sign and I that sandwich looks quite yummy!

  5. Ok, let me say that at first, when you listed the ingrediants, my thought was "ewww". but then when you showed the picture of the finished product it actually looked rather appetizing!

    Love the Hannah sign!

  6. Love the sign! Too cute. I wanna see the rooom....can I in September?

    My favorite sandwich is not nearly as healthy as yours. There are 2. If I have to pick one...I pick Liverwurst and Lyoner. Good one huh? It is german sausages. Liverwurst is spreadable and lyoner is sliced thin with mustard. Drool!! (Translation: Paté and german bologne)

    Keep smilin!

  7. I've never quite got the appeal of cheddar cheese and apples but then again I've never tried it!

    I'm not a big sandwich eater but if I have to have one I would say cheddar and roast beef on toasted wheat with tomatoes, or tuna salad on toasted wheat with tomatoes. I cannot stand lettuce on sandwiches or hamburgers. But I must always have tomatoes.

  8. That sandwich looks great... I am going to buy the ingredients this weekend! :)

  9. I have many favourites, but one of those is the exact same as yours!!!

    Lovely sign!

  10. One of my fave's is almostthe same as yours, just toss the sprouts (bleech) add ham and broil the whole thing till the cheese melts! Sooooo good! Plus, who can resist a reuban?

  11. I like peanut butter and jam. And a toasted BLT. And a toasted western with cheese.

    Love the sign - I saw it a few weeks ago in a different city...couldn't find Thumbelina's name...

  12. Whoa....that sounds like a very yummy sandwich. Don't laugh. My favorite is: Fresh white bread...bologna, cheese, slices of cucumbers and mayo. YUM!!!!!

  13. Cute sign for Hannah's room.

    My fav sandwich? Toasted tomato or peanut butter and apple.

  14. From sandwiches to decorating - great post! :)

    I can't believe Kathy's comment about the peanut butter and brown sugar sandwich - that is by far my favourite and I just had that for lunch today! Yummy!!!


  15. Love that sign! My favorite sandwich - I don't know which one to pick! No balogna, though. I'll take lettuce with any (real!- not processed) meat or cheese, jam/jelly with cheese, peanut butter with banana or pickle, sprouts instead of lettuce with meat, egg salad, chicken salad (with or without lettuce/sprouts) - you get the picture! Multigrain bread preferred.

  16. Yummy...haven't tried that combo yet but it sounds delicious! I have to say turkey with cranberry sauce, mayo and lettuce is probably my favorite!

    Love the sign....totally adorable!

  17. Beautiful sign. I love before and after pictures so it will be fun to see how the room transforms.

    I like any sandwich that I don't have to make myself. Everything always tastes better when I can get someone else to make it :-) But if I have to pick one, it probably the chicken salad on grilled sourdough that I get at Cracker Barrel.

  18. Yummy that one will do!!! I could see that as second best to non other than good old PB&J

    The sign is sweet!

  19. i love a genoa salami (sliced so so thin), rosemary shaved ham and mustard sandwich. pickle on the side ;)

    toasted tomato this morning went down well

    hannah's sign looks great.
    we are trying to ready chloe's room for 2 little gals instead of just one. she has bunkbeds now and i need to get crackin'. agency is telling us approx 10 months til travel.

    any news on how things are moving along with china?

  20. I never thought to put granny apples in my sandwich... I'll have to try does look appetizing....My favourite sandwich as a kid was a "crisp" ( potato chip) sandwich buttered on grandma's homemade white bread!! My Irish cousins first introduced me to it!!!

  21. Sandwiches are NOT my favourite, but it I do indulge, I am a clubhouse girl. Of course, I am never going to turn away an egg salad sandwich, or a chicken salad for that matter. Ham and cheese is always a hit...I could go on and on

  22. YUM on the sandwich - my personal favorite is a nice thick roast beef - cold of course.

    And the sign is GORGEOUS!


  23. The Hannah sign is adorable!

    Favorite sandwich depends on my mood but I'd have to say there are two, of course neither one is oh-too-healthy. First one is openfaced, French bread sliced lengthwise, spread with fresh pesto, nice thick slices of tomato and fresh mozzarella heated in the oven until the bread is toasty and the cheese melted. The second one is thin sliced sourdough bread spread with garlic and herb cheese, nice thin slices of very rare roast beef, baby lettuce greens and fresh thick slices of tomato. Now you have me hungry, off to have some lunch.


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