Friday, August 24, 2007

Welcome to Canada Ran!

Wow! What a wonderful treat to be able to celebrate Ran's arrival in Canada with Tracey and her family! Ran is a real sweetie and was smiling and giggling as we stood and chatted together. The little balloon ended up being a big hit with both of the girls which was fun.

It was also neat to share this great event with Dolores and Shawn. Shawn kept an eye out at the door for us and let us know when they were coming. (So much for tight airport security. I know it was only the luggage area but we laughed as we watched many people go through the 'do not enter' doors and meet their families in the luggage area. Who could blame them? There were babies to meet!!)

Here's a few pics of the evening.

The Welcoming Crew

The Papaya with the balloon

Ran and Mommy

Check out that smile!

The family (minus 1...sorry O - hope your ear is feeling better soon!) What a beautiful family!


  1. what wonderful photos!!!! glad you were able to go

  2. What a special occasion to go to the airport! Did it give you goosebumps :D

  3. It was amazing! I love doing the airport runs. What a beautiful new family and that giggle...what more can be said?

    I think we're going to need a frequent parking pass at the airport soon.

  4. So cool. I can't wait for the day when we can come to the airport to welcome you and Hannah home. :)


  5. Great photos! What a wonderful welcoming committee and a super uplifting way to spend an evening.

    What a sweetie!

    Keep smilin!

  6. So cool!! I haven't been to an airport meeting yet -- very special!


  7. The babies have come home!! I did't meet Kim as Regina is 3 hours away, she was coming in at 9 pm and I had worked all day - besides, I don't think she wanted a crowd there. I hope to spend a day with her and Channing once they are settled in at home.

  8. That is one beautiful family!!! You guys are just amazing for meeting them at the airport! My biggest fear is not that we'll have a hard time once we bring Gracie home, but that no one in my family will show up at the airport to welcome us home :(


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