Saturday, March 04, 2006

Small World...Too Cool!

I had a really neat thing happen at work yesterday!

A coworker mentioned that there was a new guy working on our
floor who had a daughter adopted from China and that he and his wife
might be adopting a 2nd.

Just before leaving work I looked for this gentleman. We introduced
ourselves and he mentioned that they had received Ministry approval just last week! I told him my approval had been the week before that. We quickly found out that we are using the same agency and may end up being in the same travel group together! Too cool!!!

I got goosebumps when it happened and even retelling it here gives them to me again! What a small world we live in! I see it as a 'God moment!' He's preparing the way, step by step.

Update: March 7th
Open Arms confirmed today that we are in the same travel group! Yeah!


  1. Very cool! I just love those "small world" moments. Don't they just make you grin? :-)

  2. WOW!!! That is cool.... I do think it is a GOD moment..


  3. Wow, that is VERY cool! I hope you all DO get to travel together!


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