Thursday, March 30, 2006

eBay Purchase

This cute little number arrived in the mail today. It's hard to tell what it is but it's an Asian dress and purse for a Build-A-Bear.

I decided after being DTC a couple of weeks ago that when I receive my LID I will celebrate by going to Build-A-Bear and create a bear for Hannah.

I know most of the kiddies in there will be no taller than my knee, but hey, it's for my baby girl so I'm going to do it! If you haven't had the opportunity to visit a BaB store, the concept really is quite cute. The part I'm looking forward to most is kissing the heart and placing it inside the bear. My precious Hannah already has my heart...and so much more of me!

As I'm sure you've guessed, my trusty camera will follow this adventure and I'll be sure to post all the fun details here!

Speaking of Log In Dates (LID's), some people in the March DTC group received their LID's today! Some files were sent March 10th which is only 1 business day before mine! Will I get a March LID? That would be wonderful!!! You'll hear me shouting when I find my date.


  1. Great idea!!! ;)

    Love the Asian dress!!

    Can't wait to see the pics! Have fun!!

    We LOVE our little bear for Annaliese! A perfect gift!

  2. This is a wonderful idea a great way to celebrate such a special day:)

  3. I want to Build A Bear! We don't have them here but I saw one while in Tampa. TOO CUTE! Perhaps I will get to one before Daphne arrives!

    That asian dress is adorable. Looking forward to seeing your trip to BAB!

    I have a couple of dolls but no bears yet! That is the next pruchase. Sometimes Ebay rocks!

  4. I love build a bear! I thought I would have my youngest build one for his little sister. I heard the LID's are coming at rapid speed lately. Our's took 7 week's but that is not the case now.


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