Monday, March 27, 2006

Another (Not So Fun) Sign of Spring

Don't want to get too excited but I think Spring may finally be here. Yeah! Scattered throught my lawn are these brave little crocus who are the first to announce that spring is coming and that silent gray branches will soon burst forth in buds and leaves! (To see this or any picture in a larger version just click on it and it voila!)

I love Spring...Can you tell? After short days and long nights it's wonderful to see the sun rising earlier in the morning and staying up later in the evening. (Sidenote: Reminder that Daylight Savings begins this Sunday at 2am. Time to 'spring ahead.') Along with the beauty we see in nature I'm also very thankful to move my boots to the basement and retire the winter coat to the closet until next winter. Now, if I could just figure out what to do about all those summer clothes that have 'shrunk' in my closet over winter I'd be all set! (I digress...)

Unfortunately, this my friends is also another sign of spring. The sweet little birdies that love to wake me with their songs in the morning, also feel free to join me in the kitchen by building a nest in my stove exhaust vent. (That one little flap that's flipped up is an invitation to trouble.) It's nothing new and they try it every year so every year I need to do the infamous dance of the 'Broom and Duct Tape!' (Red Green would be so proud!)

Yes, this little number is my weapon of choice! 'What is it' you ask? Well I'm glad you did. It's a very scientific contraption invented for times such as these. Hey...maybe I should patent it and go on that new reality show for inventors? What do you think? (Ah man, digressing again!)

After very carefully getting the tape to handle ratio (crucial later in trying later to get the tape to transfer from the broom to the vent) I stand on my tip-toes and try to cover the vent while still leaving it slightly open should I need it. It's a delicate procedure but with a steady hand, slightly cramped toes and careful aim, it's mission accomplished!

Sorry birdies! You'll have to find another place to build your cute little nests. I have nothing against you, I'd just prefer to get my bird's nest soup at a Chinese food restaurant rather than in my kitchen!

PS - Please note that no birdies were harmed in the making of this post although I'm pretty sure I saw the neighbours peeking out at the crazy lady who was not only duct taping her vent closed but taking pictures using a tripod at the same time!! Yup...the only thing harmed in the making of this post was my reputation! :o)


  1. Hey Cath, I have an idea! BORROW A LADDER! hahahaha!!!!!

  2. Too funny! I love that you actually took the time to set the tripod up to capture the taping over event! Good chuckle for a Tuesday!


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