Monday, March 06, 2006

Could It Happen This Week?

Throughout the past 14 months of my adoption journey I've come to realize many things about myself. One thing I've learned is that when I'm waiting for something to happen that's not expected to happen yet, I do ok. But, when the something I'm waiting for could happen today then I'm more unsettled. Does that make any sense?

Today, it's waiting for my file to go to China. I've known for the past 2 weeks that it was with a lawyer being notarized and that when the group's files are ready, they'll be sent to China. I've waited. Patiently I waited and was quite content. Until today.

Today I know it's been 2 weeks and when my agency originally said the files would go the the lawyer they said it would probably take 2-4 weeks to be notarized and ready to go. Somehow, hitting the magic 2 week mark makes me jump every time the phone rings and check my email endlessly waiting for that magic call/email telling me when it will happen. When I, after 14 long months, will be DTC.

Until then...I wait...and pray...and pray........and wait.


  1. Hi!. I am adopting from Russia, but, i found your site and wanted to comment on how great it is!. I know you are adopting from China. I know so many people who have adopted from there and have had such a great experience. I am so excited to hear that you are going to be going very soon... This is such great news!. Good luck on your wonderful journey!. God bless!!!


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