Monday, March 06, 2006

Shopping Oddities

After the hair dye story last week, it got me to thinking about my shopping habits and the weird habits I have. (If I am being honest, it’s not that I’m trying to change these habits, just find friends who share these oddities.) Are you one of them?

Scenario #1
(Stated while raising my right hand) I am addicted to shopping at Wal-Mart. Not sure why although I do know exactly when it happened. Approx. 4 years ago the unthinkable happened: They opened a Wal-Mart 3km from my home and the uncontrollable shopping began. Since that fateful day, I have been brainwashed! Why is it that now when I need something…anything….I think, ‘I have to go to Wal-Mart.’ (Picture: stiff legged walk, arms straight out in front and glassy eyes staring into nowhere, muttering to myself, 'I must go to Wal-Mart, I must go to Wal-Mart.) Is it the closest store to me? No! Can I get the product cheaper at Wal-Mart then elsewhere? Sometimes yes but sometimes no. For some reason, it’s just my first store of ‘thought.’

- I need an AA battery – Better go to WM.
- I’m out of hair dye – Time to hit WM.
- I’m in the mood for a chocolate bar – Yup…a trip to WM!

You’re quickly seeing my dilemma!

Scenario #2
(Stated once again while raising my right hand) I am addicted to shopping at Wal-Mart. Upon entering the store, all reasonable shopping habits are put aside. Why is it that when I intend to purchase aforementioned battery – it can cost me $90.00? Come on…you know what I mean!

My list has 1 item on it: A $3.50 battery.

My receipt upon checking out contains the following:
- battery ($3.49…Woohoo – a Rollback! :o)
- 2 boxes hair dye (you know….so that I don’t run out!)
- box of microwave Popcorn. (‘Lite’ on a good day but most likely ‘Extra Butter Flavour!’)
- package of 20 hangers – I didn’t know when I entered the store that I needed hangers but upon seeing them I suddenly realized I had to have more.
- earrings – they’re so cute!
- 2 tubes of toothpaste (for some odd reason I buy toiletries and cleaning products in multiples. What’s with that?)
- 2 bottles of dish soap (see multiples comment above)
- the latest scrapbooking magazine
- chocolate bar…or 2…but rarely 3! (once again - I blame it on the multiples thing! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

    OK…you’re quickly getting the idea. I’d like to say I’m kidding but unfortunately it’s the truth!

    Scenario #3
    (I take a lot of teasing for this one but I’ll confess it anyway) When I shop at WM I always park in ‘Trampoline Ally.’ You know what I mean: The aisle opposite the big trampoline that is attached to the side of the building. On the rare occasion when I’m visiting a neighbouring WM that does not have a ‘Trampoline Ally’ I have been known to break into a slight sweat at the thought of misplacing my vehicle. Not a big thing but when I exit the store carrying my $90 worth of ‘needed stuff’ I’d prefer to find my car sooner than later.

    Now, on to other shopping oddities that are not related to Wal-Mart. Yes…the confession continues.

    Scenario #4
    I will travel out of my way to go to a grocery store where I get to check out my own groceries. I love doing that!

    Scenario #5
    After leaving the Superstore with my week’s supply of groceries, I have been known to stop at McDonald’s to pick up lunch/supper. It’s not like I don’t have any food, just maybe not in the mood to prepare it.

    Scenario #6
    I like to shop at Michael’s. I hate to pay the exorbitant amount for scrapbooking supplies that they normally charge. I’ve sweet talked my paperboy into giving me extra Michael’s coupons – one day even going outside to get my paper to find that he’d left 14 extra flyers! Woohoo!!

    Scenario #7
    In order to use the Michael’s coupons I have been known to purchase something, take it to the car, change my coat and then go in to purchase something else using a 2nd coupon. (Oh yah...tell me you haven't tried it!) Some of the girls checking out could care less how many coupons someone uses on a day. Others I think get some secret ‘high’ out of denying me the use of a 2nd coupon in a day. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow and I’ll probably be in the area since Michael’s is conveniently(?) located right beside Wal-Mart! (See numbers 1-3 above) (Karen, I will be a total wreck if they ever bring 'Target' to Canada!)

    *Update: After writing this yesterday I stopped at Michael's on my way home. Are you suprised? Guess what! After scanning my coupon she gave it back to me! Woohoo! A good thing at the best of times but even better when it's the Birthday week of a friend who has recently started making cards!*

    Scenario #8
    I will drive 4km out of my way to purchase a loaf of bread at ‘No Frills’ when I have an ‘A&P’ at the corner, just to save $0.30. Driving that 4km will cost more in gas than $0.30 but it does give me a sense of, ‘There… I showed them what I think of their expensive prices!’

    Scenario #9
    After driving 4km out of my way to save $0.30 on a loaf of bread I will get up the next morning and because I’m too lazy to make my lunch, choose to buy lunch. What will I buy? Well a sandwich of course!

    I guess I’ll stop for now for fear that someone reading this will turn me into ‘Shopaholics Anonymous.’ Either that or beat me to my parking space in ‘Trampoline Ally!’


    1. I am exactly like this, only with Target. Gawd I love that store. My eyes just light up when I'm going there. They are marketing geniuses I think. :-)

    2. OMG, this is too funny. I especially love #7!

      I agree with M3...I lurve Target! Why is it that I can never get out of there without spending at least $75!?!?!

    3. Hello Catherine,

      I love your blog! You are hilarious and your posts are always fun to read. I think that there is a possibility that we were separated at birth.  I live 1 km from Wal-Mart and I also go there for anything … a card … shampoo … anything!! I also leave with at least 10 items I don’t really need. Check out my blog: I think you’ll appreciate my “hangers” story.
      Julie B.

    4. ahahahah this made me laugh smile and laugh some more. You are not alone. I remember when I first moved to Canada and discovered Walmart it was just the best value for shopping ever. I started at the top of the aisle with 1 item that I needed and found a dozen more items by the time I got to the bottom of the aisle and the pricing got better and better.

      I love reading your blog:) It is great to have blogs to read while patiently waiting for referral. We were LID on Dec 9/05


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