Thursday, March 16, 2006

Current Tim's Stats...You Don't Want to Know!

Ok, ok. I know next to the excitement of my DTC post (YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) yesterday, the upper most question in your minds about me (besides how many trips have I made to Michaels [4] and Wal-Mart[2] this week) are the roll-ups going?

Basically...they're NOT! Taking a deep breath I'm here to tell you I'm currently 1/32! One lousy coffee out of 32????? And, that's not even counting the 4 dud cups I've picked up for a co-worker who broke his leg this weekend so can't carry a cup of Tim's while on crutches. I'd have rigged up something my now...couldn't go that long without my Tim's! For those who are concerned, I did share my losing record with him before offering to pick up coffee for him so that he might try and find someone else to get his but he was willing to risk it. Wonder if he's sorry about that decision yet?

Should I roll up a winner sometime before this crazy contest ends you'll be sure to hear me whooping it up! I won't make nearly as much noise as I did yesterday finding out about DTC but believe me...I'll be sharing it here!

Oh yah...last week I mentioned counting the number of people I saw walking around carrying Tim's. Tuesday;s count was 45 people walking around various places carrying a cup of Tim Horton's!

Tomorrow's stat will be the number of cars that go through the drive-thru at 6am in a 5 min. period since I'm skipping going to the gym in exchange for a cuppa losing coffee and a visit with a good friend who's been in Mexico for the past week. I told her I couldn't wait to see her but if she could leave her tan at home I would appreciate it. It's March and I look like I just crawled out from under a snowbank I'm so pale!

Until tomorrow...When Irish Eyes Will Be Smilin!

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  1. Well you're one up on me! I'm 0 for who knows...2 Tim's a day x however many days since it started...good luck in your quest for a winning cup!



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