Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Cute Decorative Pictures

I found these while browsing through an AVON catalogue the other day and thought they would be a great addition to the house. They're 6x6 square so will fit nicely...somewhere. I've yet to figure out where to put them so for now they're sitting on top of the bookshelf waiting for their new home.


  1. Love those! The color matches my living room. ; )

  2. Hi Catherine!!

    I got your blog address from Mary Mia's site!!

    We are hoping to be DTC this month as well!! Cool!

    My husband and I are from BC and it's so nice to follow another Canadian blog to China!

    I'll be praying you are DTC soon!!

    Dawn http://4boys2love.blogspot.com

  3. Hi again!!

    May I add you to my lists of blogs I follow on my sidebar???

    I'd love to continue following your journey, especially since we'll be getting our little girls around the same time!!



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