Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We’re Ice Cream Lovin’ Gals!

I’ve always been an ice cream fan and Hannah learned early on that it’s a fun treat.  Sunday evening she and I met Grandma for dessert.  IMG_0184

When I picked Hannah up at daycare today Ange mentioned that Baskin Robbins was having a special fund raiser and a single cup of ice cream was only 31 cents!  Now that’s something that’s got my name written all over it!

On our way home from swimming lessons I swung by BR to see how long the line-up was and it wasn’t bad at all so we turned in.  What a fun surprise it was to see Ange and her family there.  Hannah didn’t see them until we walked up to the fire truck that was there for the kids to check out.  The fund raiser was to support families of fallen fire fighters.

Here are the kids checking out the inside of the fire truck. Notice Hannah is being her normal climbing self and trying to climb further into the truck.  That’s my girl!IMG_0194


Mmmm…cotton candy ice cream.  Good to the last pink and purple drop!IMG_0201



    I love the 'bib' in the last picture!! LOL!

    I thought about going and then I forgot...

  2. Can Hannah please talk to Daphne about the deliciousness of ice cream? Miss D is averse to the cold and is not a fan.

    What a great treat for a good cause!

    Keep smilin!

  3. After Hannah speaks with Daphne could she talk to Z. He is not a fan of that cold creamy goodness ~ at all!

    Good to the last drop! ~ Love the last picture!!!

  4. Like Daphne, our kiddos aren't big fans of the cold creamy goodness. Sigh...someday.


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