Thursday, April 28, 2011

Such a Blessing!!

A year ago I was able to spend 24/7 with Hannah while on maternity leave and I couldn’t imagine leaving her for an hour, let alone 8+ hours each day. How could I do that? How could we be apart? Who would care for her, love her, teach her and be there for her when I was at work? It was a place I just couldn’t let myself go and I spent months avoiding it in my head. The daycare I thought was arranged while I was waiting for Hannah didn’t work out but I am so thankful for how God used that friend to give my heart peace about daycare during the wait.

In turn, God provided Ange to care for Hannah and I am SO thankful that Hannah is in her home each day! Hannah absolutely loves it there and each morning is excited to go. She talks about her friends there all the time and when she finishes her breakfast many mornings she excitedly says, ‘Mommy! Ange’s house!!’

Ange is amazing with the kids and has such fun with them. Checkout my cute little bunny enjoying her Easter lunch last week. IMG_7677

Not only do the kids have an opportunity to go for walks each day and play outside, Ange takes them to many exciting places. Often 2 (or more) different days each week she buckles them into their car seats and off they go.

Playing a drum at a local children’s museum. IMG_7664

Monday Ange just had her boys and Hannah so she dared to take them to a local ceramics place to paint a special little friend. Hannah chose a little cat and painted it blue. What fun! IMG_7688



Thank you Ange! Truly I don’t have to words to say how thankful I am for you and the beautiful way you care for the treasure of my life while I’m at work!


  1. Such a blessing that you have such a good situation for Hannah and that she loves it.

  2. Ange sounds wonderful, such a gift.

  3. Such a wonderful friend you have.
    Look at Miss hannah painting that cat, she really knows what she is doing. Sweet girl

  4. Looks and sounds like a perfect match for you.



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