Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mommy! Eggs!!

The Easter Bunny came to our home Friday night after a special request by Mommy.  I wanted to enjoy this fun time with Hannah without rushing her as Sunday we would be preparing to go to church.  I think I’ll continue this each year, not only to take the pressure off Sunday mornings but it will also be an easier way to differentiate between the fun side of Easter and the celebration of Christ’s resurrection.  As Hannah gets older she will better understand the real meaning of Easter.

The Easter Bunny had left Hannah’s empty Easter basket at the top of the stairs so when she got up Saturday morning she was aware that something was up although she didn’t know what.  It didn’t take long for her to catch on to the hunt.  As she bumped down the stairs and saw her little princess toy with the hatch open and a nest ofchocolate eggs inside she called out, ‘Mommy!  Eggs!!’  What a fun, fun age she’s at!IMG_0147


This particular moment absolutely melted me! Can you believe how sweet and precious she is?  Truly this is Hannah through and through!!  Enjoy! 

Hannah received a couple of special treats from the Easter Bunny.  A new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD – Mickey’s  Number Roundup and also a 25 piece puzzle.  We did the puzzle together yesterday morning and she was great at putting the pieces together with some help from Mommy.

And as always, I love to see how my sweet Shaoey has grown.  Here she is last Easter in front of her high chair

Imported Photos 00031

and this year.  Slow down sweetie!  Mommy doesn’t want to miss a minute of your growing up and wants to slow down time so that she can enjoy and savour every single moment!


Happy Easter everyone from my little bunnykins and I!



  1. did she say " thanky mommy"? awww such a sweet little girl Hannah is!

  2. Oh my, she has really grown! Love your idea of doing Easter baskets a day early. That is so smart. Sunday mornings are really busy! :)

  3. She sure did! The Easter Bunny wasn't around to be thanked so Mommy happily accepted her hugs and thanks. She truly is the sweetest!!

  4. What a great morning for you two!

    I can't believe in the picture from last year to this year that Hannah looks like she has grown a foot!!

    Happy Easter!

  5. Catherine the videos are just precious! She has blossomed so much! I remeber how tiny and reserved she was when I met you in China 17 months ago! (can you believe its been that long!) She is talking so much and has gotten so tall! What a treasure. Happy Easter!

  6. So fun to experience holidays through the eyes of children. Glad you had such fun with Hannah.

  7. she's only two years old but already know how to be thankful for her mother's love. she is really sweet and smart

  8. Sweet!!! Huge Easter hugs to you both, my friend. Looks like you both felt the love this morning.

  9. Wow-she really has grown over the past year. Love the kiss and hug in the video-so sweet. Probably a good idea for the Easter Bunny to come early, given her lack of enthusiasm for church right now. Hope you had a wonderful weekend all around.


  10. I can't believe the difference a year makes. Why do they have to grow so fast???

    LOVE how the Easter Bunny put little patches of grass under the hidden eggs! Clever Bunny!! ;o)

  11. Yes! Our daughters have the same pajamas! We also have the same striped dress from Tar-get, but my daughter's is a size she needs to grow into still.


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