Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hannah and Caesar Salad – A Love/Hate Affair

Hannah and I both enjoy Caesar salad.  I normally purchase a packaged salad at the grocery store and Hannah helps me put the finishing touches on it.  (Listen to her talk!!  Wow!!!)

I enjoy the entire salad but Hannah, not so much.  She enjoys the cheese, dressing, bacon and croutons.  The lettuce?  Nope!  I’m impressed that she tries to eat the lettuce almost every single time we have salad but for some reason the texture just doesn’t work for her.  Regardless of the size we cut it, my little sweetie gags on it.  She tries, really she does but it’s just not working for her yet.

So for now her lettuce ends up a myriad of different places.  She licks off the dressing and other goodies but discards the lettuce.  Some meals it’s placed back on her plate.  Other times I find it in a little circle on the high chair tray surrounding her plate.

But last night?  Last night she just made me giggle as this is where her lettuce ended up! DSC_7564

Each piece of lettuce was piled neatly on top of her sippy cup of water.  And yes, when she was thirsty she’d drink from the cup without giving a thought to the lettuce perched atop it!


  1. I think AJ was around 3 before he could handle lettuce. He would try all thine too but would also gag. And now Alan (23 months) also tries but gags. Not sure what it is about it but I guess it must be commen for this age.


  2. That is so adorable! She is amazing in more ways than one. The only thing our guys will touch from Caesar salad is the croutons.

  3. If this helps at all, it took me until I was about 14 to appreciate the merits of lettuce that wasn't "crunchy", i.e. the stem parts of romaine and iceberg. Any leafy bits were immediately rejected. Totally a texture thing. Maybe Hannah is the same way!


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