Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Treasured Time Each Week

After church on Sundays Hannah and I head to Nana and Papa’s where we enjoy lunch with them plus Sharon’s parents whom Hannah calls GG & GG.  (Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa.)  These are precious moments each week and something we adults don’t take for granted.  I can’t help but think of where we were two years ago and at the time we weren’t sure what plans God had for GG’s life as he was so ill for so long.

Hannah is the light of GG&GG’s life as well as Nana and Papa’s too.  It’s been a while since there has been a 'baby’ around and she entertains us all on a weekly basis.  GG sits with the biggest grin on his face as he watches her and she loves him too.  Their is nothing more precious than watching my baby girl hug and kiss GG&GG good-bye each Sunday afternoon after we have shared lunch and a visit together.

There are a couple of things that happen each week which make us all smile.  Hannah is normally the first one finished her lunch and calls out, ‘Ah done!’  After getting her hands washed she gets out of her high chair, runs to the family room and begins to pull her toys out of the cupboard.  It’s not long before she comes back to the table and with adorable little eyes looks up to Papa and asks, ‘Ah done?’  Papa quickly obliges and the fun begins.  Playing with pasta, colouring and lacing cards.

Playing fortDSC_7102

Riding on Papa’s shoulders


Sticker fun with NanaDSC_7097

After a time of play it’s time to do the dishes and Hannah loves to help.  This particular week Hannah and I hadn’t been to church and were having a relaxing day so Hannah was still in her pj’s.



Our afternoons of fun together end with hugs, kisses and driving GG&GG home.  IMG_0020

By this point it’s about 2 hours later than Hannah’s normal nap time and this is what I see when I look in my rear-view mirror.IMG_0001

My sweet baby girl sleeping peacefully, possibly dreaming of the fun times she’s just spent with family.  Until next week….


  1. Sweet times and pictures, especially the one of Hannah wearing the apron.

  2. Love, Love, LOVE the picture of Hannah with Papa and GG!!! Priceless!!!!

    Hannah is so cute in the apron and pajamas! Love it!!

    What wonderful memories!

  3. Those are the most precious photos - treasures for sure! Love the one where they are playing fort. Fabulous!

  4. Hannah is a lucky little girl to be surrounded with such a loving family.


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