Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Disney!! May I Help You?

I've been a huge Disney fan for a number of years now which has grown into a fun hobby of helping family and friends book trips to Walt Disney World. (Sorry, I don't have experience with Disneyland so can't help with questions relating directly to it.) I've also received a few emails lately from blog readers asking questions about Disney which led me to wonder if there are questions you might have that I'd do my best to answer? Part of the fun of a Disney trip is in the planning!

I've also compiled a couple of handy 'Tips and Tricks' and 'Not To Be Missed' documents based on my experiences as well as those of others. If you'd like those sent to you just let me know and I'll email them to you.

So, this is just casual but if there are any questions you might have I'll do my best to answer them.

Let's talk Disney!!

Answers Update #1

Note: Some info that will help understand what's written below. Walt Disney World is made up of 4 parks:
Magic Kingdom (MK)
Epcot (EP)
Disney's Hollywood Studios (DHS)
Animal Kingdom (AK)

By far my favourite Disney planning site is: They can answer any and all questions you may have.
What are your favorite quick service restaurants?
Hmmm, this is an interesting one as I often don't plan where we're going to eat our quick service meals. That being said there are a couple I enjoy.

MK: Pecos Bills. It's a place to get a good burger and fries but the real drawing card for me is the toppings bar that offers fried mushrooms, cheese, fried onions. Just some yummy stuff to put on a burger and/or fries.

MK: Pinocchio Village Haus. Italian sandwiches and pizza. I like this one as sometimes you're lucky enough to snag a table overlooking 'It's a Small World' and the kiddos can wave at the people on the ride.

I don't really have favourite quick service restaurants at any of the other parks.

What is your favorite snack?
I must give a nod though to the egg rolls at the Lotus Blossom Cafe located in the China, Epcot.

What is your secret pleasure?
MK: Mmmm...Dole Whip! Pineapple flavoured ice cream floats by Done. I'm not even a pineapple fan but really enjoy these!

Also, everyone needs to enjoy at least one Mickey Mouse ice cream bar during their trip. It's just tradition. :o)

What ride/show is a must do for you each time that you go?
MK: Oh so many! Prince Charming Regal Carrousel, Mickey's PhilharMagic, It's a Small World...and many more! In MK truly there are too many to count!!

EP: Soarin', Test Track and Turtle Talk with Crush

DHS: Toy Story Midway Mania! and Rock 'n' Roller Coaster

AK: Kilimanjaro Safaris and Festival of the Lion King

Do you stay on Disney property?
If I'm doing a Disney trip (as opposed to a Florida trip that may include a day or 2 at Disney) then I always stay on Disney property! I love to be emersed in everything Disney and there's a lot to be said for not needing a car. We check our luggage at the Buffalo airport and the next time we see it it's in our resort room. Oh yes, that works!!

Disney also offers complimentary transportation to and from the airport (Disney's Magical Express) as well as all over their property so there is really no need to rent a car.

Now, for what resort to choose? There are 3 levels of accommodations: Value, Moderate and Deluxe. There is a HUGE difference in what prices are available as you can pay as little as $95/night or as much as....are you ready....$3,145/night!! (That's for the room of all rooms - the Grand Suite at the Grand Floridian overlooking the bay and Cinderella's Castle!)

For us, we're Value Resort kinda people and that works just fine! Our resort of choice is Pop Century. I have stayed there a number of times and always been very happy with our accommodations. It's a basic hotel room with 2 double beds and not overly big but truly when we're at Disney we're not in the room other than to sleep so it works for us. There is a large food court, 3 pools, splash pad, playground, arcade and merchandise location.

That being said, I would really like to try out one of the moderate resorts sometime. They are a step up from value and it would be great but I choose for us to go more often and stay in a value resort.

I think that's all the questions that have been asked so far. Feel free to keep them coming! Hope this info is helpful to many!


  1. Going to Disney next month with my kids for the 1st time, I have tons of questions. LOL! Luckily I found great Disney forums but nothing beats hearing from someone who's been there.

    Here's a few questions, what are your favorite quick service restaurants? What's your favorite snack, what is your secret pleasure? What show/ride is a must do for you each time you go? Oh, I could go on and on! ;)

  2. Hi Catherine, Longtime lurker here that's plannning a trip for next summer. I'd love your tips and not to miss info! Thanks!

    P.S. Hannah is just about the sweetest thing ever!

  3. Catherine, I would love your "tips and tricks" document! We are planning a trip for the fall!! First time with our daughter!!

    Do you stay on property? If so what is your favorite hotel?



  4. Catherine - I would love your tips on Disney. We took our daughter there last year for her 4th birthday and she asks to go back daily. I'm curious also, do you stay on the property? Hannah is absolutely beautiful.


  5. I would love your tips! We are thinking of taking a trip there (my first ever) next summer.


  6. Hi Catherine,
    Please email me any tips or info you have as we are off next month to Disney with our 5 year old. Thanks. Amy

  7. Hi Catherine,
    I have been reading your blog for about a year but don't think I have ever commented before! Your blog is one of my favourites, you can really feel your love for Hannah through your posts.
    I would love your 'Tips and Tricks' and 'Not to be missed' documents if you don't mind emailing them to me! - I am hopefully planning a Disney trip for October. My enail is on my profile, I don't feel comfortable sharing it in a comment.
    Thank You!

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