Friday, April 15, 2011

Hannah’s Special Friends

Oops!  A bloggy friend realized that I had already posted Hannah’s 2nd Birthday pics last month.  Guess I must have started posts on 2 different computers and forgotten.  I really like Window Live Writer but the one small downside I find is that the posts are not transferrable between computers so you’re not able to start a post one one computer and then pick it up from another.  A minor inconvenience for all the great benefits that Windows Live Writer offers!

Guess to keep in the spirit of the M3’s Spring Fling of 30 posts in 30 days, I need to write a new post for Friday.

I went back in our pics and found a series I’d wanted to share.  These are Hannah’s special friends and we love them so very, very much!  

Here are the little friends that Hannah calls cousins and their parents are honourary Aunties and Uncles. 





Daphne (absent from the photo shoot but still a treasured friend)IMG_1122[5]

I am forever grateful to God for these very precious friends whom He has brought into our lives!!  5 years ago when their parents and I met we all dreamed of the day when we would have children of our own.  Over the years our friendship has grown deeper and deeper and now our children are blessed to be friends….and honourary cousins! 

We miss all of you and cannot wait for the next time when we’re all together!!! 


  1. Sweet friends!!

    You can access drafts b/w computers, by the way. When you're done with a draft in Windows Live, just choose "post draft to blog" instead of "save local draft". Then your draft will be saved in Blogger instead of on whichever machine you're using. When you want to work on it, when you're ready to work on the draft, choose "file, open" in WinLive, then you'll see that Drafts is your first choice in the list.

    Which blogger friend ratted you out? Hee!!!

  2. Those are some wonderful pictures and some wonderful friends!

  3. How special and lovely!!! We are blessed by all of these amazing miracles and are truly thankful to call you all family.


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