Thursday, April 07, 2011

Better Late Than Never. Joining M3’s Spring Fling!!


M3 has created a fun blog post challenge for any who wish to participate.  The challenge is to post once a day for the 30 days in April with the intent to chase away the winter blahs and welcome spring!  Sounds good to me!  Even though I hadn’t joined she picked up on the fact that I’d already put up 3 posts in the first 6 days of April so it was prime time for me to get in on the fun!  Not one to back down from a challenge I took her up on her offer and I’m already glad!  I love blogging and the wonderful way it allows me to document precious parts of Hannah’s life.  I have a post coming up sharing how I was able to easily take 2010’s blog to the next level! 

Since this is a spring fling I decided my first official post would be to talk about our spring…or, lack of one!  It’s still downright cold around here and I’m more than ready for the weather to finally warm up!  It’s colder than normal and we even had *gasp!* snow flurries earlier this week.  Yuck!! 

Thankfully the trees and flowers are thumbing their collective noses at the cold weather and still peeking their little heads out. 

These little buds are on the lilac tree in our back yard.  I am so thankful that when Tim was building our new ‘courtyard’ last year that he encouraged me to keep the lilac tree.  It’s so nice to still watch it come to life after the long winter and it will be beautiful when it’s in bloom!DSC_7542


The front yard is pretty much still in hibernation mode DSC_7549

but if you look very closely you can see the tulips and daffodils beginning to grow  DSC_7548

and a few adorable little crocus’ are already in bloom!   DSC_7547

I’m not a huge fan of winter but I sure do love spring!

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