Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Adorable Easter Gifts for Grandparents!

Last week Hannah and I had a ton of fun preparing a few treats for her grandparents and they were thrilled to receive each of the things that she lovingly made for them!

I found the greatest website featuring many crafts that a toddler can make with a little help from Mom.  If you like to do crafts with your children please check out www.kiboomu.com.

The first craft she did was super simple yet so fun too!  I printed egg shapes on white paper, filled them with glue and then let her stick colourful paper Easter grass on them.  DSC_7649



After they were dry I cut them out and Hannah glued them on a piece of coloured paper.

This video makes me howl!  Can you tell she’s just doing this to appease Mommy?


Our second craft required more help from Mom but there was still lots for Hannah to do too.  We made these fun, colourful Easter Basket Cupcakes on Saturday.  DSC_7685

Hannah wants to be so helpful these days so I did my best to incorporate her in each step.  Thankfully just by touching the eggs while I cracked them gave her the feeling of accomplishment.  Here she’s helping mix the cake.  Don’t worry…the mixer was unplugged when I took this pic.  SmileDSC_7669

Preparing the waffle bowls.  The original recipe called for the bowls to be wrapped in foil but I chose to omit this step.  I think next time I might do this as many of the bowls flattened out a little bit and also split.  They were all still usable but could have been better.  Also, I found it necessary to lightly cover the top of the entire tray with tinfoil soon after the cupcakes hit the oven as the waffle bowls were beginning to burn.DSC_7670

Hannah shook up little baggies of coconut with a few drops of food colouring in them while carefully perched atop the back of the couch.DSC_7675

After recording this video I made sure that Nana and I got the pink baskets.

Licking the icing spoon.  One of the benefits of cooking with Mommy.DSC_7676

Yes, she’s sitting on the counter.  This was one of the rare exceptions to our ‘no going on the counter’ rule as the learning tower takes up so much room in our little kitchen that there’s barely room for mom to move around and results in more stubbed toes than I care to count.  There was enough to keep Hannah busy that I didn’t mind her on the counter this day.

A close up of the iced baskets with the coloured coconut atop.  Aren’t these adorable?DSC_7678

One jellybean for the cupcake, one jellybean for Hannah….


Getting ready to take the Easter Baskets to Nana and Papa, GG & GG on Easter Sunday.  Look how proud my sweetie/ham is!DSC_7693


Our final gift to the grandparents was a homemade Easter card.  Oh so a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e and fun to make too!!

I was a little busy during the first part of the card making - ensuring little yellow painted footprints did not decorate my floor so didn’t have an opportunity to take any pics.  Once her footprints were dry it was time to turn them into baby chicks.

Adding the googly eye.DSC_7688

I love any craft that incorporates Hannah’s beautiful little hands or feet and this one was perfect for Easter.DSC_7691

We went to visit my parents Saturday night and took their Easter treats to them then.  Sunday after church we went to Nana and Papa’s and took treats for them as well as GG & GG.  Hannah and I were super excited to share these special gifts of love with them.  Sadly I was so excited that I didn’t even think to take any pics.  Oops!  Next time!

Hope you all had a wonerful Easter!  It’s been fun to read blogs and see what others did in the way of Easter crafts with their children.  I already have some bookmarked for next year!

Now….off to find some fun Mother’s Day crafts that we can make for the Grandmas!


  1. Love those crafts! I love doing crafty thing with my D too. Never enough time though to do all that I want to try out. LOVE those crafts! We made no bake bird nests and they were a hit with the grandparentals. LOVE being able to realize this dream for myself and for you!

    Keep smilin!

  2. Fun! She is becoming quite proficient in the kitchen!

  3. My goodness you are two crafty girls!

  4. love the ideas, the card was so cute and I am going to have to make this soon with my great granddaughter. Don't forget to make the turkey with her handprint and the reindeer using her foot as the face and both her hands as the antlers. so much fun.

  5. Love, Love, LOVE the little feet chicks! So cute!

    All of the crafts look like so much fun. Thanks for the link. I am going to check it out.

  6. I love the chick card. I pinned this on pinterest! I think I'll need to make one to send to the grandparents.


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