Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Counting Down to the Mouse!!!

Saturday was an exciting day here as Hannah and I were able to finally share with my niece Rebecca (Bec Bec to Hannah) that we are going to Disney!!  DSC_7530 I booked the trip in November to take advantage of the free dining plan this coming summer but truly did not believe that it would happen.  So much had to come together and at the same time I asked myself if I was crazy to take a toddler and pre-teen to Disney by myself.  The answer was easy – No, I’m not crazy and we’re going to have a GREAT trip!!  
My niece and I have taken 4 previous trips to Disney together, the last being in January 2008 with Nana and Rebecca’s best friend Victoria.  As much as she wanted to go back she was pretty sure it wouldn’t happen for a few years yet.  Boy was she surprised!  My brother was onboard the moment I asked him if I could take Rebecca which was one of my stepping stones.  The second was getting the time off work and after applying way back in November it was finally approved last week.  I’d saved the money for this trip before Hannah even came home and I was just waiting for the right time.  Since she’s still free at Disney this year and we could get free dining then this year is going to be the year!  Besides I can’t wait any longer. :o)   Will she remember it?  No.  Will she enjoy it while she’s there?  Oh yes she will and I will remember her reactions forever!!
I wanted to think of a fun way to tell Rebecca about the trip so I looked for tips on a new website my cousin Bridget introduced me to: www.disboards.com .  It’s a great Disney site and so informative!  They had some fun suggestions and I found something that the girls could do together – a scavenger hunt by pictures.  They had so much fun!  Rebecca is so good with Hannah and loves spending time with her as you can see in this video.  It was neat to see Hannah participate too and fun to watch her collect the pictures.  Each time they found a new one she added it to her collection.  Go Team Badybug!  (Badybug is Hannah’s name for ladybugs)
The chocolates at the end were a placeholder for the ‘real’ ending but I was still waiting for a special phone call to come in so put the chocolates there to throw Rebecca off.  I booked a call with ‘Enchanted Calls’ and you can see what happened next!
Hannah has known about our trip for a while and I love that she was the one who ultimately told Rebecca about it!  Rebecca and I had fun that night talking about it and reviewing our dining plans.  We made one little change as she’s wanted to try the ‘Ohana breakfast with Lilo and Stitch at the Polynesian Resort so we added that one.   We’re also going to enjoy supper in Cinderella’s Castle too which will be a neat experience.
Sunday was another fantastic day as we invited Nana to come to Disney with us and she said, ‘Yes!!!’  An exciting trip is now even better as we’ll be sharing it together!
143 more sleeps!!!


  1. How fun! Thank you so much for sharing this! You have given me so great idea's for when we get to tell our boys when we book our Disneyland trip for next year! You guys will have so much fun!

    I love seeing how amazing Rebecca is with Hannah! They are very lucky girls to have each other! It's easy to see they have a very special bond!


  2. We love Disney, and I can't believe you only just found The Dis! With your love of Disney I had assumed you knew all about it. It's a great website.

  3. The Breakfast at the Polynesian is great! Such a great family restaurant and the kids get to dance around the room with the Characters. Our daughter Sarah(Anhui Province) had a ball! I love your Blog and can't wait to read all about your Disney trip!!

  4. Thanks so much Ellen! It's great to hear how much Sarah enjoyed the 'Ohana breakfast. This is a new one to us but the one Rebecca requested to try so we booked it this past Saturday night. I'm even more excited about it now that you've recommended it!


  5. It took a while for me to figure out 143 sleeps-grades are due and I'm not running on many zzzs-but it sounds like you've got a great trip planned!


  6. You are the BEST Auntie and Mommy EVER!!! How fun!

  7. What a fun way to reveal the special surprise. I sure wish I knew about the Enchanted Calls, I just told my own kids about our trip the Disney.

    Perhaps you are with of the many who inspired to go own my own with my kids. ;)

  8. You are going to have a great time! Hannah and Rebecca are two very lucky girls to have someone like you in their lives :).

  9. YAY!! Fun!!

    Great ideas to save in the back of my head!

  10. What a fun reveal!! Gonna be a great time!

    Keep smilin!


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