Saturday, April 16, 2011

2 Minutes Mommy

Not wanting to spring things on Hannah when I can avoid it, I’ve tried to give her countdowns to prepare for things to come. 

These countdowns may be when she’s playing with her toys and I’m preparing her bottle for bed.  I’ll let her know that we’ll be going upstairs in a couple of minutes to put her jammies on and get ready for bed.

Other countdown times come when she’s ‘reading’ stories and we need to go out.  I’ll begin to tell her that we’re going out in 5 mins then 3 mins then 1 min.  It seems to help her transition and truly I can relate.  How awful would it be if I was at a really good part in a book and suddenly someone walked up to me and said we’re leaving now!  My reaction would be, just let me finish this chapter, so I want to offer Hannah this same respect.

Earlier this week I began the countdown in preparation for leaving for daycare.  When I got down to ‘it’s time to go now’ this was what I heard and it cracked me up!

LOL!  My own words and actions are coming back at me more and more often these days.  It’s like living with a miniature mirror and I tell you, she sure keeps me on my toes!


  1. Oh so true that we have to watch what we say. Very cute.

  2. Little cutie!! I'm going to use that "Two Minutes!!" line on you the next time you try to leave my house.

  3. Love it! What a funny girl you have there.


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