Sunday, May 06, 2007

Thanks Kathy and Joel!!

Hey...that looks familiar! :o)

You may remember that last week Kathy and Joel did a bedroom makeover and the results are gorgeous! When Kathy posted the before and after pics I noticed that the bed they'd taken down was a white sleigh bed. I have always loved a sleigh bed and wondered if they might be looking for a buyer of the old one if they weren't saving it for their little one.

Kathy emailed me early this week and said they would love for me to have the bed if I wanted it! Wow! I wanted to purchase it but they insisted it was a gift! You are so very, very kind Kathy and Joel! It was so nice to visit with you on Thursday night but my heart went out to Joel who is still battling the repercussions of the 'shellfish that fought back' from last Saturday. You could tell he was in real pain as he visited with Kathy and I but still he stayed and we talked about some of the things they'd learned at their seminar a couple of weeks back. (I smiled as I thought most guys would fain sickness to get away from 2 women talking everything baby but not Joel. Even in his uncomfortable state he stayed and chatted with us. A great guy!)

I had borrowed my parent's van to bring the bed home so on Friday morning it was still in the van. When I got home from the gym a neighbour was out so she helped me unload the pieces into the garage. Well, having a C.J. moment I began to slowly move the pieces first into the house and then before I knew it all the pieces were upstairs ready for assembly. Yesterday was a day of cleaning the entire room, taking down the frame that the I had been using and putting up the new bed. I love it! It's a perfect addition to the rest of my bedroom furniture. I'm still using my childhood dresser and end table which I gave a fresh coat of paint a few years back and now I have a bed too. Yeah! I haven't had a headboard and footboard in over 15 years. What a treat!

Thanks again Kathy and Joel!! Slept wonderfully last night and it was so nice to wake up in my new bed.

Oh yah and Kathy, the tradition continues. I have a nice little bruise coming up on my theigh where I ran into the post yesterday. heehee! Even after your warning I still managed to run into it within the first couple of hours.

If it wasn't such a beautiful day I might even take and afternoon nap just to enjoy this extra special gift! Sweet dreams everyone...


  1. It's lovely and I am proud of you, handy woman!

    How sweet of Kathy and Joel :0)

  2. How nice of Kathy and Joel.

    The bed looks GREAT!! I'm impressed you got that in and up the stairs on your own. Awesome My Friend!!

  3. (¯`v´¯)
    ¸.·´... ¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸¸.·¨¯`·....*-:¦:-♥
    It is beautiful! What a cheery room to wake up in!

  4. Wow! It looks great in your room, sweet girl! I'm so glad that things worked out for this to happen.
    Thanks again for the thoughtful gift - it certainly was not necessary, but we will use it for K. when the time comes. :) You are too sweet!

  5. Ouch! We have a platform bed and we average a jab to the shins once a month.

    However, very nice of K&J.

  6. Bed looks good! Great job on moving and putting it together yourself!!

    Kathy and Joel really are the sweetest people!


  7. What a great makeover! Looks lovely. You rock Ms Home Decorator!

    K & J are awesome.

    Keep smilin!

  8. Hey Kathy and Joel...I love free furniture, too! Just kidding! What a thoughtful gift and the room looks awesome. Watch out for those bruises!

  9. That's wonderful! And it looks great in your place now. Good for you for doing it all yourself.

  10. That was very thoughtful of Kathy & Joel!
    It is a lovely bed - I have a sleigh bed too - I whack my shins on it too ... ;O)

  11. WOW!! That is sooo beautiful Catherine!!!

    How sweet!! Amazing friends we've all found hey??

  12. Beautiful. Enjoy many rested nights !

  13. WOW...looks great Catherine!! Kathy & Joel are real great people!!

  14. Looks great, Catherine! And Kathy and Joel were so kind! Don't get toooo many bruises, okay?

  15. Lucky girl!!!! Isn't it just amazing the friends we make through the blog world!


  16. How wonderful of K & J!
    Such a pretty and cheery room! You are quite the handy woman moving it up yourself!

  17. WOW, what an incredible gift! That is awesome and I love sleigh beds!

  18. That is wonderful! I love sleigh beds. As a matter of fact, Jazzie has one, and Tahlia's new big girl bed is a sleigh bed as well...

  19. I really like that bed. goes well in a shabby chic room. I had a sleigh bed a while ago and kept kicking it with my foot at night. One too many broken toes made the bed to go the garage sale.


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