Tuesday, May 22, 2007

MBS - On the Road and Ready to Go!

Bright and early (well...8:30 which is early for a Saturday) Kathy and I hit to road. First stop...Tims!! A girls gotta do what girls gotta do!

We attempted our first Tim's stop just a mere 10 mins. from Kathy's house but the place was a zoo! Lineups 30 people deep at each cashier so we headed up the road about 20 mins. further and stopped at a Tim's in a small town. No line ups; hot coffee and munchies and we were ready to roll.

Our next stop was about 3 hours down the highway to pick Joel up from his parent's place. We did so and then were back on our way, destination Montreal! It had been a number of years since I'd been in Quebec and I was surprised to see some of the old familiar signs in French. It had just never crossed my mind. This is an important sign in French just as it is in English!

We arrived around 2:00, just in time for Mark to get up....and then to go back to bed. He had, ahem, indulged just a wee bit too much the night before and sadly was paying for it on Saturday. He just kept saying 'I'm so sorry' and we just felt bad that he had to sleep through some of the fun.

After unpacking the car we hit a huge mall near Doris and Dan's. The very first store we saw was Joel's Jewelery store. Sadly no discounts or freebies were being offered that day.

If you know our friend Kathy you know she loves her candy! What fun we had when we saw these treats. We tried to sneak one out but sadly it didn't quite fit in her pocket! Funny thing - when we were taking this pic a guy ran out of the store and yelled something at us in French. I didn't have a clue but was sure what ever he was asking I'd never do again...at least while we were close to his store. It ends up that Montreal has a law that you cannot take pictures in public places (or something like that) due to privacy. Because of this many stars have chosen to purchase property in this beautiful city as the paparazzi are not allowed. Neat factoid du jour!

The one place we were allowed to take pics was in the garden so we took full advantage of it. It's a pretty little place right in the middle of the mall.

After shopping it was time to head back to D&D's and prepare to meet Julie, Stephan and Francis, and Elisa, Jarrod and Thomas. New friends that we would spend much of the weekend with. Yeah!


  1. It looks like SUCH a great time! I have enjoyed all the pictures so much!

  2. Poor Mark!

    I love the picture of Kathy trying to take out the candy! That is so funny!

    You sure do have fancy Tim Horton's up north! Ours is never that busy. You can always belly right up to the coffee bar!

  3. Your very blessed with all the exciting trips you get to make and meeting all these amazing ppl

  4. Looks fantastic! Man, that "Tim" must make some great coffee!!!

  5. looks like a wonderful time Catherine! glad you had a great time.


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