Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Two Adorable Little Boys Waiting for their Mei-Mei's!

These 2 little guys are the cutest and they were as good as gold the entire weekend! It was fun playing with them and listening to their infectious giggles! Without further adieu I give you:

Thomas who is waiting for his mei-mei Zoe. Thomas is a giggler and had all of us smiling and laughing too!

Francis is waiting for his mei-mei Naomi. He's an adorable little guy who entertained us with some pretty awesome magic tricks. He's going to make a great ge-ge!

And last but not least, we can't forget about little Daisy. What fun will she have when her mei-mei arrives!


  1. I love that you added Daisy! The boys look very ready to have their little sisters in their arms?!!

  2. So glad you didn't forget the adorable little dog Daisy- the boys are quite adorable too!

  3. All the real babies and fur babies are too cute for words!

    Keep smilin!

  4. Those two boys ALWAYS melt my heart, everytime I see them on their mommy's blogs!!!

    They really are going to make great big brothers and I'm SOOOOO happy that it's going to FINALLY be VERY SOON for them!!

  5. What cute pictures of the boy''s so great that they have become friends and share the China experience together.

  6. I agree ... cute! I am a little partial to one in particular ... ;o)


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