Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Sensitive Subject

Before proceeding with the Montreal Bloggy Summit (MBS) posts I just want to take a moment to express something that has been on my heart today.

My hope is that you do not consider the posts I (and those of my fellow MBS bloggers post) as bragging. That is never, ever our intent. We too wish that many of you had joined us. It would have been fun but it was not to be for this trip.

I want to post of the fun times we shared but don't want to be perceived as anything other than celebration of a good time. (I'm not saying that anyone has said this but I just want to mention it as it's been heavy on my heart.)

First and foremost, my blog is a living journal of my wait for Hannah. The reason I started it in the first place was so that I could record all the day to day events that happened while I waited for her. Because of this, I want to be able to post about the summit and enjoy posting.

I've said over, and over...and over again to anyone who listens, that one of the most wonderful surprises during this journey has been the AMAZING friends I have met in the bloggy world. You are such an important part of this journey and I'm so happy to be riding this stroller coaster with each of you! I love to read and comment on your posts as well as write of my journey and read all the great comments that are left here for Hannah and I too.

This past weekend was one more example of friendships born that I could never have dreamed of! The time we spent together was beyond all I could have hoped or imagined and I am thankful that God has brought each of these precious people into my life. Someday, Hannah will be introduced to these amazing friends too and also to their precious daughters! I can't wait for that day!!!

And so...I write. I write of the good times, the rough times, the happy and sad. And today I write of Montreal Bloggy Summit 2007! Oh baby! What a weekend it was!!


  1. Catherine,

    I am just SO happy for you, and I don't think it's bragging at ALL! It's having fun with your friends, celebrating the joy of adoption! Don' feel bad! We're all happy to know you guys had a good time!

  2. I have been feeling this as well, Catherine. Thanks for opening up like this.

  3. You? Brag? I think not! You are so grateful for everything you have and so sensitive to the feelings of others.

    That's why anyone who meet you cannot help but love you. Perhaps those of us who have met you might want to brag - "I met Catherine!" Now that's something to brag about!

    Love ya my friend.

  4. You should share the good as well as the bad, I don't think anyone could possibly hold that against you. And truthfully, when we adopted our daughter, the wait from LID to referral was 6 months. Given the current wait times, I'm always thrilled when I read about things like your Bloggy Summit because it's just one more way to get through the wait... and the friends you make are the silver lining to a long wait!


  5. Are you kidding me?! We are nothing but happy for all of you. Don't let this weigh on you at all.

  6. Don't think about this for one millisecond!! I love reading all of your posts and seeing all of the fun you had!

    You are one of the sweetest people I know! :) You have such a big heart. I appreciate YOU!

  7. I have to ditto what everyone has posted here so far Catherine. Of course there are some of us that wish that we could ALL get together but that would just about shut down an area about the size of Toronto. We are all very happy for you and LOVED reading about all the fun that was had. So keep on having fun and don't worry for a minute about it.

    Thanks for sharing the fun with us.

    Love ya.

  8. Catherine - I know we talked about this earlier today - you have worded it beautifully. I have been thinking the same thoughts as you.

  9. Don't be silly sweet thing! I am thrilled that you are having a great time.

  10. You always have a way with words. I just want to share with everyone how happy I am to have spent time with you.

    Keep smilin!

  11. I am so sorry you even had to post this.

    People should be ashamed of themselves if they see this as bragging.

    Everyone should be happy for people who can get together and have wonderful fun times and great friendships!


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