Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Referrals are Arriving!

Once again it's referral time!! This is a happy occasion for so many reasons!

1) It's only been 24 days since the last batch of referrals!

2) After last month's 2 day referral batch I was fully preparing my heart that this month might cover only 1 more day. Not so!! This month's batch is 6 days worth of referrals! Yeah!!! We're finally through October '05 as the cutoff date for this batch is November 1 '05. Great news!!!

3) 'Mystery Mom' (MM) has a LID of October 31 '05!! She and 'Mystery Dad' should receive their referral later this week or early next week!! (It seems to take the stork a little longer to fly to Canada.) MM and I are friends and without knowing it, both began our adoption journey within a couple of months of one another. Very few people (including at least one mutual friend of ours) even know she is adopting. I've been on my best behaviour and have kept her confidence. Looking forward to seeing pictures of her baby very, very soon! She and I are getting together next Monday night and oh what a night that will be! Congrats MM and MD! It won't be long now. Yeah!!!

I've updated the Referral Stats spreadsheet in the sidebar. I've decided that last month was just a really bad month so have decided not to count it in my next guesstimation of referral. My latest guesstimation: April '08 referral with travel to China in June '08. (For those keeping track this is referral guesstimation revision #3,922! :o)

Have a great day everyone! The babies are coming and I'm 6 days closer to Hannah! Praising God for so many blessings!!


  1. YAY, Yesteray was so much fun with all of the good news. Today should be even better :)

  2. It is great esp. for all the families receiving referrals. Congrats to MM & MD!! Can not wait for pics.

    Keep smilin!

  3. Your optimism is soooo contagious! Congrats on being 6 days closer to your daughter!

  4. Very happy with how things are going right now!

    Can't wait to hear about MM!!

  5. Hard to believe we are "celebrating" over just 6 days worth hey??!!!

    Seems WONDERFUL when you compare it to 2!!

    I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!!!

  6. Tell MM and MD Congratulations!! I hope they will share the good news and pictures! :) Can never get enough pictures!

  7. Hi Catherine,
    The one thing I have learned about IA is that it is impossible to really predict the 'when of a referral right now'-hence the 3999 estimations...The good news you are likely more than half way through your wait...I know its hard;;I have been waiting 17.5 months already, and I am pretty sure I will have to wait 2-3 more months at least...November is my month; so hopefully it won't be longer than that. CTG

  8. Hooray! One month closer to Hannah! Can't wait to see all the beautiful referral pics.

    (PS: when are you coming to CA? The girls REALLY want to meet you. All 3 of us girls. :-) )

  9. I sent MM an e-mail just today asking her about her referral!!

    I hope you are wrong in your guesstimation, as I was HOPING to travel about those times...

  10. It's wonderful for all the families seeing their children for the first time.

  11. I love referral time and now you are that much closer to your daughter! We have a two-year-old from China and were LID on 4/24/07 for #2. Yep, we've got a wait ahead of us!

  12. Great blog Catherine! You are getting closer each day to your referral. Hopefully the CCAA will start referring more days with each batch.


  13. Well 6 days is better than 2! I'm only 6 days away now! Whoohoo!!

  14. You are a little closer. I love referral day. Cool post on the puzzle. The kids are going to love it.

  15. My favvvyyyy time of the month!! I love seeing all those sweet little faces!!
    Another 6 days closer to Hannah...Yay!!!


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