Saturday, May 19, 2007

Montreal Bloggy Summit - Update #1

Guess where we are? In an Apple Store in Montreal! What do we do? Why check blogs and update our blogs! What fun!

Michelle and Mark arrived safe and sound last night and Kathy, Dan and `I a few hours ago.

Getting a taste of what it's going to be like in China as all the instructions here are in French. Gotta run and do some shoppy!

Have a great weekend!


  1. You are so funny! I'm glad you were able to check in!

    Have fun shopping!

  2. I soooo wanna go somewhere where they speak french! I learnt French at school, and specifically remember about 10 phrases, so I could go to a real "french" place and speak french one day!

    Au Revoir!

  3. You do realize that you really are addicts to bloggyville?

    Ah, there are so many worse things. Enjoy :0)

  4. How cool... sounds like you're off to some great fun!

  5. too funny that you guys are in an Apple store checking blogs - when I went to Chicago to meet fellow bloggers, we went into a Apple store also to check out blogs!!!!
    There will be NO BLOG CHECKING here at my house in July.....yeah right!!!!

  6. Hey Melissa,

    When we went into the Apple store Doris and I talked about you guys doing the same. You gave us courage friend to blog away! :o)


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