Friday, May 18, 2007

Montreal...Here We Come!

Yeah! Only 1 more sleep until Kathy, Joel and I head down the highway to the beautiful city of Montreal! Destination...Doris & Dan's! Mark & Michelle left earlier today so should be there by now, enjoying the wonderful company of our hosts! This Victoria Day long weekend promises to be a weekend of fun, friendship, laughter, shopping, adoption talk and seeing the beautiful city of Montreal! I haven't been there in over 20 years so I'm really excited to be going again!

Another treat this weekend will be to meet Doris' friends Elissa & Jarod plus Julie & Stephan! Julie and Stephan have a LID of November 7, 2005 so their referral will be included in the batch that will arrive in the next couple of weeks! Oh how exciting! I'm sure we'll be doing a little early celebrating with them!

Ayez un week-end merveilleux chacun ! (Which translates to: 'Have a great weekend everyone!' - I hope!) I promise to take lots of pics and share them with you next week. Wish you all could be here...bloggy summits are the best!


  1. See you bright and early tomorrow morning! I am all packed (I am only bringing spring-like clothes :P) and ready to go!

  2. I am really looking forward to meeting you!!! I think we are all going to have a blast!

    C U tonight Catherine!!
    p.s. Elisa and Jarrod also have a Nov, 7 2005 LID - so expect a lot of referral talk! :O)

  3. You all are going to have the BEST weekend!

  4. Have a great time. Sounds like a blast.

  5. J'espere que tu as un tres bon week-end! Have fun!


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