Thursday, August 24, 2006

Warming Tiny Toes - Would You Like To Help?

I've decided to begin a collection for Hannah's orphanage. Baby socks! When it comes to purchasing clothing we have been encouraged to wait and do so in China if we want to donate clothes. Another option my travel group will have is to go together and make a financial donation directly to the orphanage. When we get to know one another this may be something we as thankful parents decide to do to show our appreciation to those that have so lovingly cared for our children. The money will be used to purchase larger items such as air conditioners, microwave ovens or washing machines.

That being said, I still would like to do something now so have decided to begin collecting baby socks to take with me and donate to the orphanage. Many of the provinces are located in colder winter climates that don't have central heating. The temperatures go below freezing so bundling the babies warmly in many layers of clothing is how the caring nannies keep them warm.

I realize many of my readers are fellow adopting families so please do not feel I'm asking you for a donation. This option is for my local family and friends who may want to do something tangible to help out babies in China. Please feel no pressure to participate in this, it's just something I'm doing and thought I'd open up the option for others to particpate too.


  1. Catherine...what a wonderful idea. When I went to visit Emma's orphanage in Hunan province in mid-December 2002, it was freezing! You could actually see your breath in the building because there was no heat. The babies were all bundled up in layers of clothing and seemed warm enough, but it was still a bit shocking to all of us.

    I would love to contribute, if you can email me the specifics. Thanks for doing this...

  2. I've decided to do the same thing! I've got a few pairs of socks and caps in my collection already. Doesn't it feel good to do something for these babies?

  3. What a lovely idea, Catherine! You are inspiring me to be on the lookout for items that I can donate as well.


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