Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Orthodox Jewish Wedding - Amazing!

Last evening Deb (left), Rose (right) and I had the privelege of attending Pari's (2nd from left) daughter's wedding! What a wonderful experience!!!

The evening began with the women staying upstairs and greeting the bride while the men (including Deb's husband Dan) accompanied the men downstairs to partake of some 'beverages of a sociable nature.' :o)

The whole evening was fun and happy. Such a celebration!!! Prior to beginning the ceremony the men danced the groom upstairs where he looked under the bride's veil to ensure that he was marrying the correct woman.

In the synagogue, the men sat on one side and the women on the other. As the ceremony under the chuppah neared the end there was the traditional breaking of the glass which symbolizes the last time the husband can put his foot down. As the glass broke, the synagogue once again broke into song, dancing, clapping and celebration!

The reception was a wonderful mixture of many cultures as you could easily see by the beautiful variety of dress at the wedding! There were saris, Chinese silk jackets as well as more traditional clothing. After dinner the bride and groom changed into traditional East Indian clothing and the bride was carried in on a chair high above our heads, wearing a beautiful white and gold sari.

After dinner was completed the dancing began...again! The entire evening was filled with song and dance and a time of celebration! Following traditional Jewish custom the men danced together and on the other side of the wall the women danced together. The men were amazing and had such fun! What a neat experience to see them just celebrating and having a great time together!

This next video you'll have to turn your head to the left to watch but I wanted to post it anyway. It's the women lifting Shaby into the air during the dance so that she can 'look over the wall' and see her husband Evan who is also being lifted! The music you hear playing is a live band and they played at this tempo and with this enthusiasm for over an hour and a half and never stopped for a moment!

Pari, thank you for inviting us to share this wonderful day with you! We had the best time and were so happy to celebrate Shaby and Evan's wedding with you!


  1. What a neat experience to share in. They are a beautiful couple!

  2. What a fun evening and a wonderful experience.

    Keep smilin!

  3. Thank you for sharing:) Wonderful seeing so many cultures coming together:)

    Your blog is looking GREAT.

  4. "breaking of the glass which symbolizes the last time the husband can put his foot down" Too funny, you have me in tears laughing!


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