Friday, August 25, 2006

Chinese Lantern Festival in Toronto!

Wow! What a sight to see this was! Absolutely beautiful!

Last night Sharon (middle), Barbara and I headed into Toronto to see for ourselves what we'd heard so much about. We were not disappointed! When we arrived at 7:00 it was still light out and we hadn't had supper so that was first on the agenda as we waited for the display to open at 8:00. There was Chinese food available but we opted for pizza, hamburger and hot dog. Oh yah...we're adventurous!

At 8:00 we went to the Imax theatre and watched, 'The First Emperor of China' which is the story of Ying Zheng, who declared himself to be 'Qin Shihuan', the first emperor of China. It was so interesting! Ying Zheng was also instrumental in the completion of the great wall!

The second Imax movie we watched was, 'China - The Panda Adventure.' Oh man are those pandas cute! It was based on the true story of Ruth Harnkenss, a fiercely independent American woman who went to China in 1936 to find out the truth about her late husband's demise. Instead, she discovers more than she expected as she learns of the Giant Pandas. She was instrumental in bringing the western world its first sight of this beautiful, gentle animal. The movie was great and the scenery breathtaking! Viewing the beauty of China on a 6 story screen almost made us feel like we'd been to China!

When we exited the theatre night had fallen and the beautiful light displays were glowing everywhere! Here are another couple of my favourites:
If you live in the Toronto area or will be visiting before October 1st, this is something you'll want to experience!


  1. Catherine,
    Joel and I attended the CLF in July and we thought it was breathtaking. We didn't see the Imax movie, but it sounds as though it was really interesting. Glad you got the chance to see it.

  2. That looks awesome. Next year, please call me!

  3. Josh and I went a few weeks ago and it's really worth it to see. We didn't get a chance to see the IMAX movies, the lines were too long. (Don't attend on the weekend.)

    I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Looks great! They have a fetival also in Mtl. Not sure if it is as big. Looking forward to seeing it later on next month.

    We are headed to T.O. in a weeks time. We are going visit my cousin in Waterloo. Hoping to be able to see the Ontario Place festival on Sunday.

    Keep smilin!

  5. We went in July and loved everything except the food. Thought the "authentic" food was not very well represented. We took tons of photos and also saw the Panda movie. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  6. It was amazing, wasn't it Catherine! I loved your photos!

  7. beautiful! And your pictures are amazing!

  8. That is so gorgeous! Wow! I wish we lived close enough to see that!

    (still in Guangzhou)


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