Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ladybug Hunters Extrordinaire!

These 2 great kids are Katie and Jacob. They're the children of my friends Carol and David and are 2 super kids! They're both really excited about Hannah and I becoming a family and while we wait they have become 'Ladybug Hunters Extrordinaire!'

These pictures of the kids were taken on a recent family trip to the east coast with the beautiful Atlantic Ocean in the background. When Katie and Jacob returned from vacation they were excited to give me a cute little ladybug rock with a magnet on it! A couple of weeks ago Carol and I were shopping at the SuperStore when they excitedly found us and gave me the magnet. It now holds a prime spot on the front of my fridge!

Shortly after returning home from work Monday, there was a little knock on the front door. Who was it? Jake! He and his Mom had been out shopping this afternoon when he spotted this (yummy!) chocolate ladybug so they picked it up for me. What a great surprise to answer the door to this adorable little redhead holding out a ladybug to me! What a thoughtful kid he is!

I'd like to say that both of these ladybugs will still be around when Hannah comes but let's be honest folks! The magnet...yes! The chocolate? I'm guessing it won't survive until bedtime tonight! I'll save the wrapper though and keep it as a reminder that Miss Hannah is coming and 2 special kids are excited about her arrival!


  1. Hey Catherine! I sent a box full of these to my secret pal. They are cute and yummy!

    Just curious as to why your blog is 4 days ahead? Been playing with the settings lately? :o)


  2. Hah! I would have had a picture of the magnet and an empty wrapper ;0)

    You have more strength than me!

  3. It's all about the ladybugs! Too cute!

    Of course you have to eat the won't be good for Hannah and will go to waste. We can't have that happening!

    Keep smilin!

  4. How sweet it is to have little people like that be excited for you!! I'm sure they will be a special part of little Hannah's life when she arrives..

  5. My goodness, those children are good looking... who are their parents! hahahahaah!!! We're enjoying watching for ladybugs! Looking forward to meeting Hannah!

  6. Oops! I wrote this post Monday night but kept it in draft form until today when I could add a pic of the chocolate and magnet. For the record...the chocolate is still in it's wrapper! What's wrong with me?

    Note to self: Chocolate for supper tonight! mmmmmm....

    Hmmmm...about the date. Wonder if we all date our blogs forward if it will mean the babies come sooner? I say we start with August 31st so that Mary-Mia can get her call about Funshine!!!

    Who's in???

  7. I'm in! I'm in! Mwwwaaaaahhhhaaaahhhhaaaa !!!!

    Janet T.

    PS- where do you get those chocolates?

  8. I bought that one at a Hallmark store (located strategically beside the cash register!!!) I have since seen them at Laura Secord!

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  10. What lovely children. They must have a wonderful grandmother


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