Saturday, August 26, 2006


It's referral time again! Doing the happy dance for friends who received their referrals yesterday (Christi), and excitied that Monday it will be Mary-Mia's turn! Funshine's referral will be here!

I called this post, 'I-just-can't-do-it' for a specific reason. What can't I do? I can't for one single itty bitty second be upset with CCAA that only 9 days of files were placed. They're doing the very best that they can folks! I try to think of those dear people in China who are working for CCAA. Yes working...probably 6 days a week and I'm guessing it's no 9-5 commitment either. Yes the rumours say they've just had a rotational vacation. Guess have most of us! They deserve vacations too! These people work diligently to place children with families that are anxiously awaiting them and sadly for every excited referral I've read in the past 24 hours I've read posts from 3 people who are outwardly showing their disappointment in some way with CCAA, naming them by name. Come on guys...that's not fair! I believe with 100% of my heart that they are doing the very best job they can. Placing babies as quickly as they can so for us to say anything negative at all about them is just unfair.

Can we be sad? Yes. Sad because we long to hold our babies in our arms and right now we just don't know when that will be. But angry, disappointed with CCAA? Not me.

My hope in writing this post was that we would try to see things from a different perspective. Try to put ourselves in the view of the CCAA worker who has just worked hard to place many babies with new families. If I was them and could read the blogs and message boards here it would break my heart and be so discouraging. That's not fair! These are the people of the country who are allowing us to bring one of their children home with us. How can we for one second say anything negative about them?

OK - stepping off my soapbox. If I've offended you, I'm sorry. That was not my intent. Just trying to see things from a different slant.

And, I'm human so if in the future you see me slide this slippery slope, give me a gentle (or not so gentle!) kick in the pants and point me back towards this post!

Thank you CCAA! You're doing a great job and I am one person of many who are very, very thankful for all that you do!


  1. Amen sister! And beautifully put. Of course we're all "deflated" as Lisa S so aptly put it to me the other day, but certainly we should not be criticizing the organization that IS working to bring us our babies!

  2. It's sooo true!! Great post!

    Step by step we'll get there!!

    Keeping the Faith!

  3. You have such a positive attitude and your patience is amazing. Qualities that will serve you well when you're a mommy!

  4. Thanks for stepping up on your soap box, GREAT POST. Im sad it is taking so long but I know they are working hard at it.

  5. Uh, Catherine? Are you lighting a candle here and settling in for a "picnic"? Cheers to you with my little candle too! I love your attitude and know that you are not the only one who feels this way.

  6. Well said Catherine! I totally agree with and it upsets me to see people getting upset with the CCAA. We have a choice to wait or move on, I just hope the complainers don't screw everything up for the rest of us.

  7. Catherine, it is nice to see others that like to take the positive route! So true!

  8. We totally agree! We'll wait as long as it takes to get our little ones!

  9. The CCAA are the ones who mathc us with our little ones and play a huge part in bringing the joy into our lives. We have to remember that.

    I feel (as Julie W said) deflated. Many do but as you so elegantly said, we should not be angry at them. They are doing the best they can.

    Thanks for posting and reminding us all!

    Keep smilin!

  10. as long and hard as the wait is I too have to believe that the CCAA is doing its best. Great post Catherine! Speak your mind sister!
    Jenny V

  11. I hear ya girlfriend and agree with you whole-heartedly... here are a group of people giving us our munchkins. May take a little longer then we would like but hey... there is NOTHING you can do about it but to just sit back and enjoy the ride, work, make friends, save more money for retail therapy here and in China, have adventures so we can blog it all - lol... as I say... all good things come to those who wait... if anything... I am SO impatient and so you could say that this seems to be my lesson for now... patience...


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