Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Aren't These Cute?

I think they're absolutely adorable!

To help pass the time in waiting for Hannah I've become actively involved with the March DTC group, the Marching Pandas. It's great to spend time hanging out online with other families who are waiting the same amount of time I am. Guess you could call it an 'Online Lamaze Class!' We understand each others pain as the wait for baby gets longer....and longer...and....well, enough about that! We also celebrate the small steps together. Each month our files are logged in China is one under our belt and reason for celebration!!!

I've recently signed up for a new swap. A hair accessory swap! Do you know how long it's been that I've wanted to buy bows and ribbons? (Just ask Rebecca. Every Disney trip she'd kinda roll her eyes as I pulled out new and exciting (to me) hair accessories!)

In this exchange we'll send coloured hair accessories to a different person for 6 months. Each month has a colour theme. I was so excited a couple of weeks ago when I found these fun hair bows on Stacey's website! She makes and sells these adorable hair bows so I bought enough for the whole exchange. And yes, I bought a full set for Hannah too! They arrived in the mail yesterday and were such a cheery welcome on a rainy afternoon.

Thanks Stacey for making these so quickly! They're adorable and will look perfect in Hannah's jet-black hair....ummm, for the 30 seconds she keeps them in!


  1. I'm so glad you like them!!!! I love the multicolored ones!!!!

  2. Major cute.

    I've been eyeing those on Stacey's blog for a while now. As I get closer I will order up. I'm afraid if I do it now I'll forget where I hid them from the cats ;0)

    Ryleigh is so darn cute I can't stand it....my girl has to have those 'Ryleigh bows'.

  3. That's a lot of hairbows! She's gonna be one stylin' chick!

    Janet T.

  4. Yes - they are cute cute cute! What a cool swap idea!

  5. The credit for the swap goes to Doris at: http://3dsadoptionjourney.blogspot.com/

    Thought it was a pretty cool swap idea too! The March group is also trying to get a swap going for the little boys and may do trains or something. Nice to have a boyish swap available for those who are waiting for sons.

    Now, as for the Dad's they want a 'Brew Swap.' I'll leave that one for then to decide! LOL!

    Moms....hmmmm...maybe we need a swap for the Mom's too! A chocolate swap?? :o) (If Canadian mailing costs weren't so expensive I'd get involved with more but our mailing costs are rediculous! Normally my $15.00 SP gift swap costs another $9.90 to mail! Yikes!!)

    Anyone have any other good swap ideas up their sleeves?


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