Thursday, August 31, 2006

They're on their Way!!!

I'm so excited for Tracie and Rick, Olivia and Madeline! They're the wonderful family I met at MBC earlier this summer. They received their referral of Maia Ruby just 35 days ago (July 27th!) and are already winging their way to China! Now that's fast!!!

In just 4 days (Monday, September 4th) Maia will be in their arms for the very first time! I'm so excited for this precious family and the gift of Maia that God has given them. Praising God with Tracie, Rick, Olivia and Madeline!

I've added them to my 'Currently in China' links so that you can follow their journey too!


  1. That is great to hear!

    Wishing them aa safe and wonderful trip!

    Keep smilin!

  2. Maia is so darn cute I just can't stand it!

    Congrats to them!!!

  3. What a cutie!! Thanks for sharing the link....I'll follow along!!

  4. Wow! That IS fast!!

    Sooo happy for them!! What a cutie!

  5. She's adorable. Best wishes to them!

  6. Oh, cute, cute, cute. Can I have her instead? NO? Oh, all right, then I'll just have to have one of my own......


    Janet T.


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