Friday, August 11, 2006

An Evening with Friends

Thursday night I got together with some old friends and we had a great time! Deb and I attended Bible college together and have remained great friends ever since. We currently live over 6 hours apart from one another but that doesn't matter to our friendship. Whenever we chat on the phone or get together it's like time has stood still and we pick up just where we left off. Now that's a great friend!

We started off the eveing by having supper at East Side Mario's with her husband Bob and kids Caleb and Hannah. Such wonderful, polite kids! Caleb is already working towards becoming a pilot so was excited to share with us his adventures while spending the day watching planes at Pearson International Airport in Toronto. Hannah and Mom had shopped for school clothes while Bob attended the Summit Leadership Conference I mentioned Wednesday.

After a yummy Italian supper that involved lots of catching up on everyone's lives, Deb and I headed to the show to see, 'World Trade Center.' We both really enjoyed it and if it's the type of movie you think you'd like to see, I'd recommend you go.

Deb and I found out we're both going to be attending the Just Give Me Jesus conference in Toronto the end of September so hopefully we'll be able to connect while there.

Thanking God for Deb and her frienship!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! You're right. It's great to have those friends with whom it always seems like yesterday you saw each other - even when it has been FAR longer.

  2. What would life be without FRIENDS??? Next year you will have to join in on the SUMMIT... I think we are thinking California... San Jose?Disneyland?? You are welcome to come to SLC anytime with or without Hannah!!!


  3. Life is wonderful and extra special when we are surrounded by friends.


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