Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Yeah...A New Book for Hannah (and Mommy's) Wish List!

I just saw this posted on Christi's blog and wanted to share the good news here too! Rose Lewis has a new book coming out in May which I'm sure will be great! It's called, 'Every Year on Your Birthday.' (It's not available yet but I'm sure it will be wonderful based on her other book.) I quickly added it to Hannah's Wish List at Chapters. I haven't bought a lot of things for Hannah but I have purchased quite a few books and received many as gifts and donations from friends as their children have outgrown them. I enjoy reading and reading with children is even more special! Hannah's little library is growing and Rebecca spends hours reading the books that we've collected so far. It's such a treat to listen to her read. I can't believe how much she has learned in one short year! Way to go Boo!

Rose Lewis is the author of, 'I Love You Like Crazy Cakes' which is a really popular book about a single Mom adopting a baby girl in China. In fact, it was the very first book I purchased for Hannah when I decided to adopt! Later on a special friend gave me a large version board book that measures about 10x10. What fun! Thanks Kit

There are still many nights when I pour myself a cup of tea, pull out, 'I Love You Like Crazy Cakes' and enjoy reading it, often crying as I do and then praying for my precious baby girl who God is creating in China.

Pssst Hannah....Mommy loves you like crazycakes already!
Hugs and kisses baby girl. Love, Mommy xoxo


  1. COOL, COOL, COOL! I'm adding it to my list too! I love "I love you like Crazy Cakes" too! :-)

    Janet T.

  2. Wonderful! Hopefully I will be able to buy it in time for Sophie's birthday on May 15th. She loves the Crazy Cakes book.

  3. WOW!!! She is an amazing author. Thanks for the tip, I'll be keeping my eyes open. I really do have a little library started for Olivia and hope that reading becomes a lifelong love for her.

    (leaving Jan 28th)

  4. I will have to keep my eyes open for that one when it is published.

  5. Very cool!!! I'm adding it to a list I plan on publishing soon. :)

  6. Thanks for sharing! It's on my list also.

  7. I am excited about this one. On my list it goes!

  8. Thanks for sharing that Catherine. That should be another great book by a great author. We'll have to add that one to our library too!


  9. Thanks for the tip. I'll keep my eye out for it!

  10. We'll definitely add it to our list. The papaya loves reading Crazy Cakes and relating ourselves to the characters in the book and her future mei mei. Thanks for the tip!

  11. AWESOME!!!

    Ohhhh I can't wait to run out and grab it!

  12. Some books that Cady adores are:
    **Love you to the moon, and back**
    -(we also have the poster of the cover of the book, framed in her room), and I tell her that "I love her to the moon, and back" every night. She LOVES this.
    **A snowman named, Just Bob
    This is such a sweet book.

    And the tried and true "learn to read" type of books:
    Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?
    Put me in the zoo
    Eensy Weensy spider (read to the tune, itsy bitsy spider)
    **Baby Einsteins COLORS book.
    -What a beautiful array of pictures this one has, and Cady has learned a lot of the letters that spell different colors with this book.


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