Sunday, January 14, 2007

Childhood Friendship

Friday night I had the amazing privilige of reconnecting with a childhood friend! Theresa and I were great friends for the 6 years that we lived in the same town. My dad's job caused us to move a few times while I was growing up and from Grade 4 - 9, Theresa and I were inseperable! I realized Friday when we talked together that she was the only friend I had during those years that was in the same class with me every single year. We shared more good times growing up than I can ever recount and we were also one another's biggest support during the rough, rough years of Grades 7 & 8. Those 2 years are the ones neither of us want to remember!

We had the very best time together on Friday night! It was fun recounting the times we'd shared together so many years ago as well as catching up on some of the things that have happened in each of our lives since we last saw one another over 25 years ago! She's married to a great guy and is the proud mom of a beautiful little girl! It was fun to hear how her sister, brother and parents are doing as I knew them all so well too. Our families had siblings that were similar ages and we both have 'baby brothers' named Kenny who are 8 years younger than us.

Theresa has stayed in touch with many of the girls that we hung out with together. What fun to hear how they're doing and catch up on where they're at too. A group of them still get together on a fairly regular basis so I can't wait to join them on one of these evenings out and catch up with some more old friends. Ahhh childhood friendships...there's nothing like them!

Theresa and I met at 6:30 and didn't end up leaving the restaurant until almost 11:00! We laughed when we realized that not only had the tables around us changed more than once, they were now empty waiting for the following day's crowds. Oops! (I seem to be doing a lot of that lately and this evening was just the tip of the iceberg for the next month of activities. Stay tuned for the life and travels of Chatty Cathy! the single life to the fullest while I can.)

Theresa, THANK YOU for such a great evening! It was so good to see you and spend time catching up! I know it will be the first of more such evenings and I'm looking forward to those too. You're a great friend and I appreciate YOU! Love ya!

PS: Want to hear the really cool way Theresa and I reconnected? Last year I attended a great adoption seminar hosted by Sofie Stergianis. During the morning session I was seated at a table with 3 couples and another single gal who is adopting. When Julie introduced her and said her name I immediately asked, 'Are you related to Theresa K______?' And then proceeded to spell out her last name (as it's unusual) and I still remember it well from childhood. She said, 'Yes. She's my cousin!' What a small world! Before the day was over I'd written a note to Theresa and shortly after that she emailed me and we got back in touch with one another via email and phone.

So, not only has this wonderful adoption journey led me to many, many new friends it has also reconnected me to one of my very best childhood friends! What a treat!

I can't wait for the day when I can share some of these stories with Hannah and tell her how she was brightening my life even before she was born!


  1. The first time I met a fellow adoptive mom in person, we joined an FCC playdate at McDonald's. The rest of the group left in a reasonable time but she and I stayed for 4 hours!!

  2. All coincidences? I think not ;0) How great you reconnected!

  3. How exciting to meet up with a childhood friend again!

    You are so much fun Catherine! I was just just yesterday I was wishing that you were closer.

  4. Oops! Sorry about the typos...

    I really need to practice proof-reading before publishing. :)

    It was supposed to say, I was just thinking about you yesterday and wishing you were closer. :)

  5. That is great! Reconnecting with long lost friends is a very special thing in life.

    Happy for you!

    Keep smilin!

  6. That is so great Catherine! You are right...childhood friends- there is nothing like them!
    So glad you have reconnected!

  7. Hi Catharine,
    Thanks for the nice comment!
    Just popping in to say: Hello, Happy New Year & to remind you that we continue to pray for you & that God will bring baby Hannah home to you ASAP!!! :>)

  8. Wow, VERY cool that you connected with your old friend and it's funny how you found her again through an adoption seminar.

    I have an old childhood friend that I think about once in a while from grade school and I always wonder how her life turned out.


  9. Isn't it weird how things work out!

    That is great that you got to reconnect with Theresa!

  10. VERY FUN!!! Glad you had such a nice time reconnecting. Thanks for posting the name of the woman who held the seminar as I have been meaning to ask you about it since we met the first time. Hope you were able to de-ice today!

  11. How special! I can't even imagine what it was like to reconnect with such an old friend... I think we all daydream about doing that one day and you got to! Very cool indeed! It's a small world and I am finding that the adoption world is even smaller! : )

    Lisa :)

  12. What a special time..catching up with old friends is the best!!

  13. How cool is that?! Isn't this an amazing journey (as slow as it may seem at times). The people you meet and reconnect with is unreal. I've had similar experiences with our first and present adoption journey.


  14. That is soooo cool to be able to get together with an old friend. Way cool of God to do! :)

  15. There is nothing quite like reconnecting with an old friend. What a special time. Glad you met up again!

    Janet T.

  16. What a small world!! That is so neat that you met up after all those years!! I'm sure you will stay in touch now!!


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