Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year's 2007 Recap

Rebecca and I had a great time celebrating New Year's 2007! Sunday night we got together with friends and rang in the new year watching Mission Impossible 3. Errr...the adults watched it while the kids slept!

The evening began with a delicious meal of Chinese food. Yumm! After supper we all headed to the basement to try out the new Wii system by Nintendo. What fun! We played numerous rounds of bowling and had a blast cheering one another on! What a great game although we quickly learned to wear the wrist straps as the first dent in the ceiling had happened the night before we arrive when a controller went flying. I can sure see how that would happen!

It's the 2nd year that Becca and I have been together with these friends and it's quickly become and annual tradition. Looking forward to adding Hannah to the party in 2008!

Rebecca stayed at my place overnight and I introduced her to the fun of watching the parades on New Year's Day. We both thought the Rose Bowl parade was great! I'd love to go to it in person someday! What a treat that would be! Did anyone watch it? Wasn't that flying guy amazing? Felt like something out of the Jetson's!

Monday afternoon Becca and I hopped into the car and headed to my friend Carol's Mom and Dad's for another tradition - New Year's Day potluck supper after the Belleville Bull's game. The night before Carol had emailed me the direction's to her Mom's place. I'd been there twice before but the last time was almost a year ago. I printed out the directions then promplty left them sitting on the printer. No problem...I could find my way...I thought!

After getting stuck in traffic in Belleville???? (post hockey game so everyone was out! :o) I attempted to find my way to her parent's place. Let's just say I was close but a set of railway tracks with a huge freight train parked on them stood between me and my destination. As we drove down a dead-end street and turned around Rebecca questioned my knowledge of where we were going. I assured her we were just taking the 'scenic route' which she'll quickly learn Auntie Cathy does freqently!

As we were driving back into town my cell phone rang and Carol came to my rescue by giving me directions. You would think that would be enough but noooo...this is what welcomed me as I turned the final corner! :o)

Thanks Carol and Paul! It's great to know that friends are always there to help you out! LOL!!!

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  1. I spent NYE with my niece and nephews too.

    I love what your friend said about "blogging too much". That's funny stuff!


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