Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Oh what a beautiful sight to wake up to! After the 2 days of rain it seemed like we were in a totally different place when we woke up this morning and saw this beauty around us. Sharon and I both love the mountains. I love this amazing display of God's handiwork!

Not sure what events today holds. I'm going to surprise Dawn by meeting her at the airport rather than waiting until she arrives at the hotel. Now that she's on her way I can type that as I know she won't have an opportunity to read this before boarding her plane in an hour or so.

We'll keep you posted on the Amazing Adventures of D and C! Until then, sharing the majesty of these beautiful mountains with you. Sorry for the blurry pics. That's what happens when you're taking pics driving down the road. ;o)


  1. If I wasn't leaving for China in six days, I'd be very jealous! I'd love to meet both of you . . . my blogging buddies. What a nice surprise to meet Dawn at the airport. If you could get a picture of the look on her face, we'd love to see it! :)

    Have a great time!!


  2. Beautiful Catherine. Glad your having a nice trip. Dawn is going to be so excited to see you!!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

    BTW: When does your flight get in on Sunday? Our's leaves at 10:00 so maybe we'll cross paths.


  3. I am VERY glad that the rain stopped!

    Enjoy your vacation!!

  4. Ohhh have fun you two!! I'm sure there will be many giggles over the next few days!!!

  5. Catherine, I used to live in the Lower Mainland, so I am curious, where exactly did you take the pics. Looks like Burnaby, but I am not exactly sure. Have a great time with Dawn!

  6. Oh great idea surprising her. You are so much fun!

  7. You're right Cherylyn. I was heading north on Rupert and snapped them while driving down a large hill. Can't remember the cross street at this point but about 1/2 km in front of me is Boundary Road.

    Having a great time in your old stomping grounds. :o)


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