Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Party Has Begun!

Yeah! Dawn arrived at the Vancouver airport just after noon today and I was able to surprise her by being there. What fun!

We decided to grab lunch at a huge mall close to my hotel and see what damage we could do there. No problem finding ways to spend our $. Uh oh...hope Dale isn't watching our spending online or I may be removed as one of Dawn's friends. :o)

The first thing we purchased were these cute matching outfits for Hannah and Annaliese. They probably won't be in the same place when they wear them as we live 1/2 a country apart but maybe someday we'll dress them alike and blog about it just for fun!

We also registered with Babies R Us/Toys R Us in Canada. I'd done this in the US more than a year ago but this time it was fun to set up a Canadian registry. We spotted lots of fun and also some practical things and scanned away adding them to our registries.

We called it a day around 5:00 tonight but will get together again first thing tomorrow morning. They're calling for more rain so we've decided to make tomorrow the day we cross into the states and do some shopping. Dawn has some outlet malls lined up and I've found a city that has a Target and JoAnn's Fabrics so that I can buy ribbons for the blankets in bulk. The tag toys have been popular lately so it will be easier to have the ribbon on hand rather than having to head to Wal-Mart every few weeks.

Until tomorrow we leave you with our version of the 'Red Couch' photo. We asked a guy at the front desk of my hotel to take a picture of us and this is where he led ut to sit. Fun!


  1. Have fun, busy woman!

    Cute outfit to start the trip.

  2. Love the matching outfits idea! So cute! Wish I could be there for all the fun shopping. Please let us know all the things that you bought. Can you tell that I haven't been shopping for ages?

  3. Love the outfit!

    Have a ton of fun and enjoy your time together.

    Keep smilin!

  4. Oh you two are going to do some damage I bet with the "shoppy". Love the new matching outfits!!

    Enjoy your day!!

  5. Catherine - I think you've met more people in the adoption blog world then anyone in history :-)

    Glad your having fun - SHOPPING is my favorite passtime.

    ( 3 more sleeps)

  6. Oh so fun! I love the ladybug outfits - how cute is that. Don't forget to post pictures of the purchases from the states. I'm sure if the spending is for Annaliese, Dale won't mind - I bet he's got a soft spot for his daughter already. :)


  7. That looks like a blast! I love the little ladybug outfit. Have fun, you two!

  8. Sounds like you're having so much fun. Can't wait to see your REAL red couch photo with Hannah someday!

  9. ohhh...Target...and outlet malls...{{{drool}}}

    have fun gals! So glad you two got to meet in person!!

  10. I LOVE those outfits!

    I hope you find a JoAnn's as nice as the one in Detroit. That one was awesome!

    Have FUN!!!

  11. You're becoming quite the bloggy socialite! I agree that you've probably met more fellow bloggers than anyone.

  12. Wow - you are certainly a social butterfly!! SO glad that you are having a GREAT time!!

    Love the outfit - very cute!!

    Have fun!!

  13. sounds like you all are having so much fun...It's awesome to meet blog friends isn't it? Especially when we share such a common bond. Have fun and shop till ya drop!

  14. Ha...I was in Sears today and ended up buying that exact outfit for Channing...I thought I seen it somewhere!!! I paid $12.07, what did you pay??


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